• Brony Show Epiode 51 - UC77

    Tis that time of the week mateys, infos be after the break.  Arrr.

    "The Brony Show, Episode 61 - UC77

    Hello, everypony! Yet another episode of the Brony Show is rollin’ your way, and we’re excited about this one! An hour before the show (about 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST) join Anchors for one of his patented Pre-show expeditions. Then, our guest interviewee will be none other than UC77, the author for the Hot-Blooded Pinkie Pie Tumblr! Follow his Tumblr page if you haven’t already: askhotbloodedpinkie.tumblr.com/

    We’ll also be playing My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft and giving them our critique, then watching some awesome PMV’s and music videos. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we will continue our crazy party long into the night with video games and random shenanigans..

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!"