• Nightly Roundup #377

    Fluttershy edition.  Actually it's a pretty social roundup tonight.  Meetups, Podcasts, and more can be found below.

  • Story Updates July 14th (Evening)


    Have some story updates.

  • PMV: 45 minutes of Doctor Horrible with Ponies

    Doctor Horrible fans might find something to enjoy here! Daga on Youtube who usually does the Disney PMV's has created a continuous (though split into separate videos) 45 minute PMV using the Musical soundtrack commentary. It's all here, so hopefully you guys are in the mood for a ton of ponies being horrible at evil.

    We are rolling with links this time. Check them out below!

    My Little Commentary the Musical Part 1
    My Little Commentary the Musical Part 2
    My Little Commentary the Musical Part 3
    My Little Commentary the Musical Part 4
  • Album Compilation : July 14th

    Twi can actually dance pretty well, she just gets nervous and looks horrible when ponies are around.

    We have a whole pile of albums for you all tonight.  Have a list:

    Aviators - Equestrian Revolution
    Doof Cake - Hay
    Beatle Brony - Apple Road [Remastered]
    Hey Las Fas - Fall
    Claire-Ann-Carr - My Little Pony Book I
    Pinkie Guy - Ggygxg
    Circuitfry - Theory of Love
    Ernula X Cullun - Equestria Vol I
    All Levels at Once - The Pony Way
    Whitetail - Memories
    Fenning  - Gala

    Check them all out by clicking their album covers after the break!

  • Doctor Whooves and Assistant Episode 6

    I blame Comic Con for this one getting lost! The 6th installment of the ever popular Doctor Whooves and Assistant has been released.  Listen in as Derpy and the Timelord travel around and get into all sorts of trouble.  Check it out after the break!

  • Comic: Rainy Days / Heartstrings vs. Bravo / So Happy

    Aw, come on Rainbow Dash, rainy days aren't that bad! Gives you a great excuse to stay inside and play video games, read, and catch up on things. Plus you can't beat that relaxing patter of rain on the roof. Ah, so relaxing...

  • Flash / Animation: Epic Crossover Time: Uncle Chan Adventures / Fall From Grace / Filly Derpy Trot / Twilight Cools Off

    We got a bunch of silly short animations in the last few days, and I don't think the others knew what to do with them, so time for a compilation! We have a teaser for Jackie Chan in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle vs a Fan, Derpy being cute, and a pre-princess origin story based around cutouts. Check them all out by clicking on the thumbnails!

  • Blast from the Past #10

    Another week means another Blast from the Past heading your way! Today we've got some more pony history for you all to enjoy, so sit back, relax and have some fun.

    As always, I am in constant need of suggestions for this feature whether it be fanfics, artwork, videos, articles, ect! So be sure to send me your ideas to my email at calpain@equestriadaily.com or just send me a tweet to my new Twitter account: @CalpainEqD

    Check out all the nostalgia after the break!

  • Official Work on the Comic Begins + More Information From the Artist

    Andy Price (The artist behind the pony comic) has released a huge thank you message for all of our support over on his Deviant Art page.  He even answered a few questions from the swarms of people buggin him, primarily clarifications:
    •  His DA page will be the first place sneak peeks pop up when Hasbro/IDW O.K. it.
    •  The comics will all be original stories, set in the same family friendly style as Friendship is Magic currently is. 
    • Background fun stuff is in! (Derpy maybe? Derpy maybe)
    •  The comic will be available at comic shops in the locations IDW Lists on their website.  They offer digital, but he recommends picking up a physical copy. 
    • All art is hand drawn.
    For more depth, head on over to the actual journal entry
  • Comic Con Design a Pony Contest Poster High Resolution

    Click for full res!
    I'm still saying doughnut pony should have won.  We were discussing this last night actually.  We have Pizza Pony as the main course, Cola Pony as the drink, Ikea Pony providing the furniture... all we really needed was dessert.  She would have been perfect. Phoe says it's creepy that we want to use these food ponies for food production, but we argue that it's the same as getting a haircut.

    Uhhh, anyway, back on topic.

    Someone has released a 6600x10200 version of the Comic Con exclusive finalist poster for the Design a pony contest Hasbro ran.   Now you can take it to Walmart and answer awkward questions about oddly colored equines when they cut the sheet for you!

    Thanks to ACE REPORTER Whathisgame for the heads up!
  • Mane6 Fighing is Magic Livestreaming Again!

    Looks like those of you who didn't get a chance to join the thousands of others the other night during EVO have a second chance to check out Fighting is Magic. Head on over to this page and take a look!   It looks like they are actually explaining a bit of it this time around too, supers and all, so it won't be just straight gameplay (For now)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #503

    Steampony edition.  I'm still hoping for a steampony side series between season three and four.  Make it happen Hub! 

    Our drawfriend builder broke again, so have it the old fashioned way! 

    Source 1
  • PMV: Fighting Tides // GunCakes // Fight Music for the Fight //

    Daaaang, got some PMVs up in here. Don't you wish you were up in here? Well, now you can be, for the low low price of only ten bits! Come see the best show in Equestria!

    Got a PMV here for the song Fighting Tides, one with some Pinkie Pie in it, and one with Flutterbi- uh, angry Fluttershy!

    1) [PMV] Fighting Tides
    2) GunCakes [PMV]
    3) [PMV] Fight Music for the Fight - Bromheads Jacket

  • Story: Palace Perils (Update Part 10!)

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: The Rated Ponystar
    Description: All Princess Luna wanted to do was wake up and enjoy her night, but after getting pranked one to many times by Philomeena she is determined to get back at the phoenix. But Luna may find this a task to be more difficult then she realizes...
    Palace Perils (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Luna vs Philomeena Prank War
  • Pre-Orders Open for Zecora at Toys R' Us

    Zecora is up for Pre-order at Toys R' Us for those that didn't get a chance to pick her up at Comic Con (In other words, pretty much everyone. I've never seen something sell out so quick).

    Right now they are limiting one per customer, which suggests the initial wave will be limited on stock.  Hope you guys get over there before they shut it down like the "brony" set.
  • Shards of Equestria (Pony Magic the Gathering) Launches!

    The MLP MAgic the Gathering set has been released. After a few months of playtesting and feedback gathering, most of it should be balanced up.  Honestly, the second this hits one of those online card programs (Lacky if that still exists, haven't played in years)  I wouldn't mind running a draft tournament or something.  These look like a ton of fun.

    Anyway, check out the full set on their page here! Right now they have several ways to download and print them.  Hopefully you all have some likeminded MTG pony fan friends!

    I have no clue what planeswalkers do, but back in my day we played white/green aggro, and Trixie looks like a blast for something like that.  
  • How Canon Ponies Survive the Legal Jungle and Earn a Name

    Over on My Little Pony Collecting, a blog primarily focusing on the older generation stuff, an in depth article on pony names has been written up.  It's no surprise that our fanon names just can't be used sometimes. I don't think we will ever see Colgate actually running around as Colgate, but a slight modification to Dr. Whooves (To Dr. Hooves)allowed him to slip on by.

    So how exactly does the process work?  Look no further than this article to find out!
  • Peter New Interview on New Lunar Radio Live

    Peter New himself will be hopping on New Lunar Radio for a live interview today  The stream isn't currently available, but tune in when it launches to join in!  Just head on over to this page at at 2:30 PM Pacific time (5:30pm Eastern). 
  • Music: Becoming Popular // Luna (Aviators Remix) // Pinkie's Homebrew //

    Ha! Ha! Time for remixes! Brought to you by Coca-Cola or Rainbow Dash or something.

    This hour we have a remix of Becoming Popular, an Aviators remix, and a remix of Pinkie's Homebrew!

    1) Becoming Popular (Matthew N. ft. Warbalist) VIP
    2) Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Aviators Remix)
    3) Interrobang Pie befriends Griffinilla - Pinkie's Homebrew (Extended Remix)

  • Comic Con My Little Pony Panel

    New Banner! Source: SouthParkTaoist

    I've returned to my home after a few days of absolute crazy at Long ass Linecon Comic Con with footage from the Friendship is Magic panel on Friday. 

    At around 37 minutes, my video camera died (I know, I suck at this.  I literally bought it like 2 days ago though!) , so I recorded the rest of the panel with my cell phone.

    Anyway, have 35 minutes of the voice actors and Meghan McCarthy being awesome in HD, then 11 minutes of SD.

    If you want to skip watching it and check out the highlights for the upcoming season 3, check out this post instead!
  • Nightly Roundup #376

    Hello again to everyone who stayed up late for one last article before bed (and also all of you who had the good sense to live on the other side of the world where it's currently daylight hours)! This is Phoe once again, reporting to you live from the Equestria Daily sugar mines! Conditions remain brutal as labor disputes have come to a head regarding unsafe working arrangements and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Blog Overlord Sethisto. Workers and management remain recalcitrant as the mines themselves have worn down enough that I appear to have become trapped under an excessively larger sugar crystal. While I lick myself to freedom, I've recruited Rainbow Dash as an ace reporter on a special investigative piece. Ms. Dash?

    "Zzzwha? Oh! Right. That thing. So uh, do I just start or... ok, ok! Don't worry, I've got this! So here's the deal: Twilight hooked me up with this little doohickey that's going to let me... what did she say again? Go to other worlds or something. So I'll just push this button and --" *bzzzt*