• Season 3 Spike and Twilight Song from Comic Con (Cell Quality)

    I just got back to the hotel and tossed this into the computer after fumbling with my phone charger for 10 minutes.  Sadly my actual camera I used to record the panel lasted about 35 minutes, so I had to grab this portion with my cell.  It's not the best quality on the planet, but a ton of people were recording, so hopefully we will see some more in the next few hours/days.  You still get the idea!

    A few clarifications on what was in the post earlier (I will upload the full panel tomorrow if no one jumps on it by then).

    Most of the things in the earlier post were very "hint hint" style.  The questions from the audience were not pre-screened at all, so naturally everyone asked about season three. 
    • Trixie's return was "confirmed" with a "I think we're not allowed to say, but I will expect season three to maybe see some great and powerful stuff".  after someone asked if she would be returning. (yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes)
    • There was a great section about Derpy.  Someone asked if she would be receiving anymore speaking roles, and the response basically said Hasbro loves Derpy, they have her everywhere now, but she probably wont be able to roll with anything other than background shots.  You guys scared the poor girl! 
    • Octavia's section was a question about "Which background pony would you like to voice?".  This eventually lead to a shoutout for Octavia, where Cathy Weseluck just out of nowhere busted out an awesome voice for her, with a hint that she could do a duet with Rarity.  
    • Fluttershy turning into a dragon and her cute voice coming from a giant lizard was actually mentioned by Tabitha.  Sounds like season 3 to me!
    • More crazy ponies on the way! These are the best episodes btw. 
    • Meghan reads Equestria Daily.  Suddenly I'm even more insecure about my writing on this site! Please don't read this blurb Meghan, I'm totally doing it in 10 minutes in my hotel room!
    • Dash not confirmed or denied for filly-fooling (this question was hilarious).
    • They hyped Luna up, so we will probably be seeing more of her. 
    • Tabitha's first panel was a huge success! And her voice is just as amazing in person as in the show.  
    There were plenty of other really interesting points, but I am running on fumes here when it comes to battery life on just about everything.  Anyway, enjoy! I will hopefully have the actual panel up tonight or tomorrow, or if someone else posts it the blog dudes will grab it.

    Update: Someone combined the audio from someone else's non cell video with my more close-up cell video.  Check it here!