• Nightly Roundup #376

    Hello again to everyone who stayed up late for one last article before bed (and also all of you who had the good sense to live on the other side of the world where it's currently daylight hours)! This is Phoe once again, reporting to you live from the Equestria Daily sugar mines! Conditions remain brutal as labor disputes have come to a head regarding unsafe working arrangements and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Blog Overlord Sethisto. Workers and management remain recalcitrant as the mines themselves have worn down enough that I appear to have become trapped under an excessively larger sugar crystal. While I lick myself to freedom, I've recruited Rainbow Dash as an ace reporter on a special investigative piece. Ms. Dash?

    "Zzzwha? Oh! Right. That thing. So uh, do I just start or... ok, ok! Don't worry, I've got this! So here's the deal: Twilight hooked me up with this little doohickey that's going to let me... what did she say again? Go to other worlds or something. So I'll just push this button and --" *bzzzt*

    This Roundup Aria Sung By Awesome People

    So last night I wrote a little song for you all and it seems to have resonated with a couple of you, because you guys totally covered it. Multiple times. Thanks to DoctorWhoovesPhD and kaotik4266 for bringing some musical talent to my silliness. Listen and be amused all over again:

    EqD Features Top 15 Best Foreign MLP Songs Video to Cover Bulked Up Youtube Embed Quota

    This is actually a lot of fun to listen to. Check out the best music the non-English dubs have to offer!

    Friendship is Magic: The Gathering - Shards of Equestria, Live and Awesome


    Just in time for the 2013 Core Set official release, Shards of Equestria is available for download in both high and low res versions! It's been tweaked and balanced to hell and back with lots of help from the community, and now it's officially play ready. If you're a M:tG fan this is something you don't want to miss. Don't forget to look into the intro packs if you want a quick way to get started or aren't sure of your pony deckbuilding skillz. Seriously though. So cool.

    Twilight Sparkle Cross Stitch Pattern Brings Joy to Eggheads Everywhere

    Source Go get your stitch on, dudes. Alternatively, try some Pinkie Pie.

    Write Your Own MLP Intro Contest - Ends July 28

    PinkieBrony is holding a contest to see who can write the best intro song. Judges will announce the videos that make the cut and then there will be voting and cake from the 29-31. Have a video that will explain it in ten seconds flat.

    "Aw yeah, made it safely! Wonder where I am? Well, a quick flyover should take care... of... what the hay?! Where are my wings? Why would... who would... how... just... what kind of cruel joke is this? Nuts to this, I'm out." *bzzzt*

    iBrony Radio Announces Massive Kazoo Project to the Delight of Vuvuzela Fans Everywhere

    Hey there!
    I'm Sour Lemonade from iBrony Radio!

    Here at iBR! a group of us consisting of Phony the Pony, LimitlessHate, Kryptage, and myself (Note Kryptage is not a member of iBR!) decided to dub next week, My Little Kazoo Week. We're going to dedicate this week by covering songs, writing original songs, and bringing out the true powers of music with kazoos.

    We are going to do a version of the Massive Smile Project done in only kazoos. We're going to call this the "Massive Kazoo Project." I've been contacting people all day so that we can get a ton of people in on it.

    We're running all of this from our website, http://www.ibronyradio.com/, and we have a submissions page for anyone who wants to join in.

    Anyhow, we have already got a few big bronies sold on the idea, but we want to see if we can reach a larger audience for this. This is where you come in! EqD is first of all, the first tab in my bookmarks bar, AND one of, if not the most visited My Little Pony related website in the brony community. What we need is for you all to give us a nice shiny post with the logo all over it. I can write anything you need, so please don't hesitate to send me a response. We really need your help to make this big.

    This project may seem silly, but we're having a lot of fun planning this out. Hopefully, we can get a vast amount of great people to send in awesome songs and maybe do it again next year!

    -Sour Lemonade

    Here is our site: http://www.ibronyradio.com/
    Here is the blog post about the project: http://ibronyradio.weebly.com/1/post/2012/07/we-need-you-again.html
    Here is the logo by itself: http://ibronyradio.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/7/3/12733579/9456293_orig.png
    And here is a demo to make you smile and get the idea across: http://soundcloud.com/moviemajic12/kazoos

    MLPchan.net Launches as Imageboards Everywhere Nod Their Heads and Sip Brandy

    Having just launched today, mlpchan.net is a new imageboard designed by veterans from nearly every community you can think to fill in gaps and bring together pony fans from all over. If you're looking for another place to kill way too much time on pony, it's worth a look.

    "Ok... I think I'm in the clear. Flappy? Wooshy? You guys ok? Phew. Never leave again. All right, let's see... oh right, I'm on. This is Rainbow Dash, best flyer in Equestria, coming to you from... actually, I think this is just Ponyville. Laaaaame. Excuse me a sec, I've gotta go tell Twi her thingy doesn't work. Hey, Twi! You-- huh? What are you talking about? We're not going on a date, why would you think we were? Hey Pinkie, help me tell Twilight that... oh no, not you too! Why is everypony looking at me like that?"

    *sounds of thunderous hoofbeats and a chorus of giggles*
    *desperate yelping* *bzzzzzzt*

    Mystery Pony Theater 20K New Episode Adds 23 Minutes of Youtube Video to Roundup, Sets World Record

    Tokyo in Tulsa Meetup Adds T-Words to Other T-Words on July 20

    Oklahoma Bronie’s Tokyo in Tulsa Meetup!
    Happy Summer Everybrony!  
    Here to announce that we are having a big Brony meetup planned at the popular anime convention  Tokyo in Tulsa at the Downtown Tulsa Convention Hall.  Where bronies and pegasisters can share their love of games, comics, music, cartoons, ect. With each other and have a fun time all together. 

    PLACE: TULSA CONVENTION HALL (for convention), 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103  DOWNTOWN TULSA

     If you need directions here is the link with maps and such: http://www.tulsaconvention.com/default.asp?tulsa=46&urlkeyword=Directions%20&%20 

    Now the convention will be held at the convention hall,  however we will all meet at: 

    400 Civic Center Tulsa, OK 74103  DOWNTOWN TULSA That way we can get together as a group to take a photo for the EQDaily archives. And easily access lunch and the hall.  The Courtyard Is Just outside the Library’s main entrance. Just look for the guy with a Big Mac shirt. 
    DATE:  FRIDAY JULY 20 The convention will run from July 20-July 22. But we want to meet as a group at least on the first day.  We can meet again another day if we so choose.
    Now the convention does not start on Friday until 2 so We want to meet in time to go to the convention early and take the picture. And with enough time or people to get tickets. Plus we could grab lunch or something if we wanted.  Also if you want to arrive early to grab tickets and avoid the lines that is A-OK. But 12:30 is the time I want everyone in the Library courtyard. 
    PRICE: $30 ADMISSION FOR ONE DAY.  FOOD:VARIES The price of admission is $30 for every day there. Food is available at the convention, but is very expensive. We recommend Eating at one of the many restaurants in downtown Tulsa.  And the other pricing options are 
    • GAMING PASS – $15/day – A Gaming Pass is only good for access to the Gaming Area for the day purchased.
    • MUSIC PASS – $15/day- A Music Pass is only good for access to the music events for the day purchased: the Concert on Friday Night, or DDFT 4.0 on Saturday Night.
    • SHOPPING PASS – $15/day- A Shopping Pass is only good for access to vendor room and artist alley for the day purchased.
    If you have any questions or Concerns Just check out the Tokyo in Tulsa Webpage at: 
    or send me an email at 

    Midnight Run Enters the Midnight Soundstage, Goes All 24/7 Radio on Our Faces

    Hey ponies

     We've still been working and here is just ANOTHER piece of our labors. Launching this Monday will be Midnight SOUNDSTAGE. A 24/7 pony radio station that's a little different. In keeping with our belief that the community should be open and should allow even new song writers and pmv creators to share their work to everyone, ANY pony can submit their own work to play with some of the hottest pony songs to date and we will be allowing DJ's to book times to spin some song of their choosing. Submitting your own work is easy just use the submit option at the top of the page. We hope that this will be something that everypony can and will enjoy. The page will go live at www.themidnightrun.net on the soundstage tab!. 

    See you there!

    "Ok, ok, third time's sure to be 20% cooler in ten seconds flat. What did I just say? So not radical. Awesome cool McAmazingpants I don'ttalklikethiswhatishappening--" *bzzzt*

    "...Now I'm a stallion. Pass." *bzzzzt*

    "Well, I've been here for an hour and Pinkie hasn't shut up once about turning me into cupcakes. Double pass." *bzzzzt*

    Pre-Reading Statistics Shed New Light on the World of Pony Fanfiction

    The Pre-readers have just released a flood of information that should answer a bunch of frequently asked questions regarding their workload and the pass/fail ratios of all submitted work. This spreadsheet updates automatically as the system processes stories, so check it out and swim around in delicious, delicious data.

    Austrailian Bronycast Claims to "Just Have Fun", Offers Little Other Information

    We are just going to have fun on today's show and such showing episodes hopefully and music and fan pics. News and such will be coming up in the show.

    We also need a banner, Icon pic and background which I'm working getting done just right during the week is going to busy for me with something new. Also hoping to get the community in on the show which will be fours after the Bronyville Podcast over on Justin.TV

    Skype contact: lightninghoof

    Upcoming Melbourne Meetup Manages to Convey All Information In One Picture. Lazy Blog Authors Rejoice

    https://www.facebook.com/events/360323007354804/ For the FB Event Page!

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/melbronies/ Melbronies FB Page!

    "I've been hospitalized fifteen times, shipped twenty seven, cried about bullies in three different worlds and I'm not sure what I just stepped in, but I doubt it's anything good. You know what, Phoe? Take your stupid blog back. I'm out. There's got to be a world around here somewhere where I join the Wonderbolts..."

    And Merchandise Makes It All Complete

    Tons of Pins on Etsy

    Custom Celestia Sculpture

    eBay Store Offering Custom Ponies and Cutie Mark Paintings

    MLP Keychains
    Pinkie Pie
    Rainbow Dash

    Derpy Plushie

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    ...Maybe next time I should just write another song?

    Your Faithful Student,


    P.S. I'm so sorry.