• Comic Con Design a Pony Contest Poster High Resolution

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    I'm still saying doughnut pony should have won.  We were discussing this last night actually.  We have Pizza Pony as the main course, Cola Pony as the drink, Ikea Pony providing the furniture... all we really needed was dessert.  She would have been perfect. Phoe says it's creepy that we want to use these food ponies for food production, but we argue that it's the same as getting a haircut.

    Uhhh, anyway, back on topic.

    Someone has released a 6600x10200 version of the Comic Con exclusive finalist poster for the Design a pony contest Hasbro ran.   Now you can take it to Walmart and answer awkward questions about oddly colored equines when they cut the sheet for you!

    Thanks to ACE REPORTER Whathisgame for the heads up!