• Official Work on the Comic Begins + More Information From the Artist

    Andy Price (The artist behind the pony comic) has released a huge thank you message for all of our support over on his Deviant Art page.  He even answered a few questions from the swarms of people buggin him, primarily clarifications:
    •  His DA page will be the first place sneak peeks pop up when Hasbro/IDW O.K. it.
    •  The comics will all be original stories, set in the same family friendly style as Friendship is Magic currently is. 
    • Background fun stuff is in! (Derpy maybe? Derpy maybe)
    •  The comic will be available at comic shops in the locations IDW Lists on their website.  They offer digital, but he recommends picking up a physical copy. 
    • All art is hand drawn.
    For more depth, head on over to the actual journal entry