• Album Compilation : July 14th

    Twi can actually dance pretty well, she just gets nervous and looks horrible when ponies are around.

    We have a whole pile of albums for you all tonight.  Have a list:

    Aviators - Equestrian Revolution
    Doof Cake - Hay
    Beatle Brony - Apple Road [Remastered]
    Hey Las Fas - Fall
    Claire-Ann-Carr - My Little Pony Book I
    Pinkie Guy - Ggygxg
    Circuitfry - Theory of Love
    Ernula X Cullun - Equestria Vol I
    All Levels at Once - The Pony Way
    Whitetail - Memories
    Fenning  - Gala

    Check them all out by clicking their album covers after the break!