• Comic Con My Little Pony Panel

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    I've returned to my home after a few days of absolute crazy at Long ass Linecon Comic Con with footage from the Friendship is Magic panel on Friday. 

    At around 37 minutes, my video camera died (I know, I suck at this.  I literally bought it like 2 days ago though!) , so I recorded the rest of the panel with my cell phone.

    Anyway, have 35 minutes of the voice actors and Meghan McCarthy being awesome in HD, then 11 minutes of SD.

    If you want to skip watching it and check out the highlights for the upcoming season 3, check out this post instead!

    Part 2 below.  I apologize for the cam quality again on this. Luckily it's only 10 minutes of actual stuff!

    At the end of part two, it leads into the new song.