• Newbie Artist Training Grounds - Day 12

    I'd read that book, wouldn't you? It'd be worth it for the icy boogie board scene alone. Perhaps some time in the yet uncertain future? A mare can dream. But this is not an event about books, this is an event about art! Your wonderful, amazing art that's only continuing to show improvement. Today features another 364 ponies both frozen and not. This brings our grand total to 6060 images! How much farther can we push this in the time we have left? Can we reach 7000? I think so!

    We're so very close to the end of the event now. I know the burnout is real. From comments I've been reading, I know there are nights where the prompt doesn't really catch your eye and give you ideas. I'm very sorry if I haven't managed to ignite the spark on each and every night; I'm trying my hardest, I promise. But relying on motivation is a very dangerous game. Motivation is fickle and disappears without warning. It's a good boost, but to get things done over the long haul, it takes you deciding that you want to push through, no matter what. To everybody sitting there right now, feeling tired and wanting to walk away: forge ahead! We are sooooo close to the finish line. You can't imagine how proud you'll feel if you just stick it out a few days longer.

    Today we have a returning prize in the still-unreleased Applejack bank from Diamond Select. These things are cool and very well made, so don't miss out on this second chance to score one! Thank you again to Diamond Select. It's not an easy thing to find 15 days worth of prizes, especially with all of the approval processes that need to be danced around as official vendors. We really appreciate your hard work and generosity; you've helped make this event wonderful.

    But now, our Day 10 winner! Coming to us at #71 with their OC lifting up the star to finish up his tree decorating, congratulations to kira3901! We'll be in touch shortly.

    Today feels like another good day for a prompt with a relaxing mindset. We've been reaching and stretching and pulling and pushing and freezing for almost two weeks now, I think a chance to come inside and "think warm" is a good way to recharge the creative batteries before the final leg. Tonight, Draw a pony by the hearth/Draw a pony enjoying cocoa. There's a lot of great things about the cold, but my favorite has always been warming back up afterwards. Show me what you've got!

    Submit all entries here by December 13 at 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). But before you do, watch your step. If you fall below the page break, you'll wind up neck deep in our gallery! Ok, maybe that was a stretch?