• The Top 5 Best Looking Ponies Wearing Socks, and a Brief History on their Impact on the Fandom!

    Many years ago, in a fandom far far away, the idea of socked equines started to take hold of the art community.  Where exactly it originated is arguable. Many point to this Fluttershy image as being the actual first instance of it way back in February of 2011.  The fad didn't begin here on EQD until that Luna up above arrived from Egophiliac, based on a post about random merchandise socks at a Target.  It went up so long ago, that it's primary news point wasn't on socks, but the fact that Celestia was actually white for once in the world of official Hasbro merchandise (she used to be pink). 

    As with most things in the online pony community, if it gains any ground at all, it goes viral. From the ridiculous commercials that air during new episodes, to ponies in all sorts of weird situations, you just can't stop the fandom ball once it starts rolling.  These slopes are steep!

    Luna eventually lead to an army of others, with an entire Drawfriend post dedicated to ponies covering their hooves only a week and a half later. Socks were here to stay.  It wasn't just a fad anymore, and to this day we are bombarded with it constantly.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Now go, friends, minions, citizens of ponyland.  It's time to celebrate socked ponies!  Get our top 5 favorites below the break. 

    Derpy Hooves

    Fandom mascot one day, socked heroine the next, Derpy takes the potentially awkward path sock cartoon horses sometimes follow, and reverses them back to the cute side.  She may wander into your house seeking muffins and wearing socks on her ears, but that only makes her even more worthy of slot #5!

    Artists: Bugplayer / Brianblackberry / Maytee / Flutterlicious / Twilightflopple

    Rainbow Dash

    It's a pretty common theme in Japanese animation to take the most tomboyish character and throw something extremely femanine or cute on them, and Rainbow Dash just happens to be the perfect target for it.  Could you call Dashie cute in public? Probably not.  But behind closed doors, this little speed demon takes socks to the next level.  She'd kill you if the pictures ever got out though.

    Artists: Ambris / Atryl / Firebird / Lyricbrony / Pixelofsin /


    In a world where ponies in socks hasn't yet migrated to the show, one fandom built equine fits the concept of wearing human clothing better than anyone.  Lyra's minty green coloration and ridiculously happy animations have always made her stand out in the world of background ponies.  Throw some socks on that, and the human race is immediately in a better place, with disease being eradicated, poverty wiped out, and war a thing we laugh at our silly ancestors for doing.  This pony is the answer.  Lyra is love. Lyra is life.

    Artists: Danmakuman / Miltvain / Mewball / Austiniousi / Joakaha


    Socks and Flutterbutt go together like Star Wars and Lightsabers.  Both of them are amazing on their own, and can totally work even without one another, but combine them and you have something that makes fandoms everywhere swoon. Heart attacks are inevitable when Fluttershy dawns the legendary accessories of adorableness +5, and this easily earns her the second slot in our top five.

    I totally snuck Star Wars in here. Mission successful. 

    Artists: Kakashischika / Alasou / Alasou / Brianblackberry / 0okami-0ni / Twilight Flopple


    She was the beginning, and the fuel. She is the socked hooves chosen one. She is... THE NIGHT. Without Luna donning socks, we might not have such a strong following of ponies wearing the things.  While Fluttershy may be right up there at the top with her, Luna pulls ahead simply due to how much of an impact she has had on spreading the idea.  May we continue on into a striped sock filled future! May the princess of the night rock socks until the fandom is no more!

    Artists: Twilight Flopple / Pinkami / Fikakorv / Darkflame75 / Bonehard

    Ponies That Totally Almost Made Our List 

    Sonata Dusk

    She's new, she's not actually a pony, but she does socks so well.

    Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie would probably get cake and icecream in her socks, but she'd be cute until that happened.


    2000+ years sitting around in a castle people means her sock collection is legendary. 


    A refined Mare like Octavia would naturally have a wardrobe, with socks.


    She already wears a skintight suit anyway, might as well skintight the hooves too.

    Twilight Sparkle

    Nerdy girls are the best in socks.

    Coco Pommel

    She can make her own damn socks!

    The Great and Powerful TRIIXE

    Obligatory blog unofficial mascot.


    Who am I kidding, they should all be on the list. Ponies were meant for socks! May season 5 make them completely canon. I'm betting on episode 100. Anniversary episodes always have socks!