• Master of Parasprites Fan Game On the Way - Main Character is Awesome

    A gaming project going by the name of Master of Parasprites is currently in development from a guy over in Russia. Look at that main character up there. I thought it was Ezreal from League of Legends at first.  Just seeing that makes me want to ADVENTURE.

    The general premise is to travel Equestria digging into the hidden mysteries behind Parasprites, by finding, collecting, and cataloguing them all into The Great Knowledgebase.  You may be asking, "But aren't they pretty simple little creatures?" not in this case. 

    Parasprites in Master of Parasprites are actually different than the show versions. Taking on the form of spirits of nature, representing all sorts of things throughout the land, these mysterious creatures are only visible to a certain type of pony who's talents were passed down from generation to generation.  The "Parasprite Masters" as they are called, devote their lives to studying the spirits, and unlocking the secrets of the world.  

    One other non-spritey creature that has been revealed so far is the Valley Guardian, mysterious boulders that sleep for hundreds of years, and awaken only when the valley needs to be protected.  

    That's about it for now! Head on down below the break for a boatload of screenshots and two videos!