• Meet The Blogponies: Pegasus Rescue Brigade

    Here's another friendly face. It's Pegasus Rescue Brigade! First he was just a Sethisto fanboy, then he became a dedicated pre-reader and now he's reached his goal of blogpony! Get it all below.

    So introduce yourself, what's your name, when did you join EQD, what do you do?

    P: I’m Pegasus Rescue Brigade!  I started at Equestria Daily as a fanfiction pre-reader back in November 2012, and eventually took on the blogpony mantle a year later.  While I don’t have one specific role, I’m often responsible for new episode announcement posts while a new season of the show is going on.  I’ve also helped with the writers’ training grounds, and post news and discussions from time to time.

    What's the best thing about working for EQD?

    P: It’s an easy job to make posts, but they reach a lot of people.  Since EQD is what really got me into the fandom in the first place, I’ve always felt a sort of loyalty toward it.  The feeling of knowing you’re one of the people that can alert the fandom when pony news surfaces is exhilarating.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    P: Gaming is probably my favorite leisure pastime.  I also like to write.  A lot.  I think it’s safe to assume when most people hear my name, they think of a popular pony fanfiction author, not an EQD blogpony, but it’s quite nice to be both!

    Oh, I also really enjoy science, and biology in particular.  I work during the week at a food microbiology laboratory.

    What’s your favorite episode and who’s your favorite pony?

    P: There are so many good episodes!  I’m going to have to stand by my longtime favorite, Hurricane Fluttershy.  Pegasi are far and away my favorite pony race, after all.

    My favorite pony?  Derpy.  It’s always been Derpy, it always will be Derpy.  Several of my fanfics feature her.  I have a lot of merchandise of her.  I can probably name all of the episodes she appears in…

    …I should probably stop before this gets weirder.

    Do you think EQD helps the fandom?

    P: Yes!  EQD is the biggest content aggregation center in the MLP fandom.  I believe one of the reasons there’s so much fan content is because content creators are inspired to make it because they know there’s a place where it will be viewed by thousands of people.  I’ve always believed EQD is one of the forces keeping the fandom active through these long hiatuses, and I hope it will continue to do so.

    Is Seth really as crazy to work with as everyone thinks?

    P: No.  He’s crazier.

    Seth’s a great guy!  He’s easy to work with and I admire his ability to keep a cool head if there are conflicts going on in the fandom.  He’s just random enough to give Pinkie Pie a run for her money sometimes, that’s all!

     Thanks for the interview PRB! If you want to find PRB on the internet look for his writing here.