• Mike Vogel Announced as Co-Executive Producer of 2017 MLP Movie

    Hello, Internet. Do you see this man? This man, right here? Once upon a time, he was known to us as Mike Vogel, VP of development and scripted entertainment for Hasbro Studios. If you attended the San Diego Comic-Con MLP panel over the past three years, you've seen this guy at the podium showing off all the cool pony future Hasbro had to offer.

    Take our word for it that this guy's all right, because he's gonna be updating his LinkedIn profile after announcing his new role as co-executive producer of the upcoming 2017 MLP pony movie.

    Not the actual poster, of course, but you get the picture. Ha! Get it?

    Grab his side of events below the break, and get commenting! It definitely speaks volumes that Mr. Vogel is stepping away from other Hasbro IPs like Littlest Pet Shop and Transformers so he can focus his attention on horses, and from what it sounds like, this movie is only the start of interesting things to come. Where are we headed from here?