• Comic Con 2013 My Little Pony Main Panel

    Celestia's happy.  Why is she happy? Because the Comic Con panel finally happened and it was loaded with awesome stuff.   Following the trend of yesterday's Comic panel, I've gathered up the main highlights from this one.    Everything from Season 4 to general pony is included.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

    The season 4 clip will be posted in a while as well. 5 Minutes of pure pony awesome.

    (Typos in my notes cleaned up for the most part now that the internet is actually available for more than 3 minute bursts, yay~)

    Equestria Girls:

    Hasbro asked for a humanized pony concept and Meghan wanted to take a Wizard of Oz approach to the story where she meets people with similiarities to her friends

    Jayson's first impression was WHAAAT?

    Studio was excited to finally be able to draw things with hands, and being able to write a longer story as opposed to just the half hour episodes.

    Music took a different direction from the series, primarily focusing on using all the ponies as a high school girl band pop music setting as opposed to the usual showtune style. 

    Cathy was thrilled to be visiting a different world and playing a dog as opposed to Spike's usual dragon form

    400 tickets being given away at the Hasbro booth at Today for Equestria Girls this afternoon

    Season 4 (Kinda spoilery):

    Meghan is excited about the new opportunities Twilight as an alicorn unlocks, but she stays true to her usual Twilight Sparkle adorkable way.

    They are doing something that they have never done on the show before but keeping it the same pony style. 

    Tons of music this season, including characters that haven't sung yet.  Between 15-20 songs tota.

    Daniel is most proud of season 4 in comparison to all other seasons so far.  He is just finishing up the final song right now.

    Most of the names people shouted out have songs according to MK (Luna, Scratch, and a few others, though everyone kept shouting Derpy.  It's going to be a tough sell to let her sing)

    They think of the episodes as actual movies as opposed to short half hour episodes.

    Spike has a lot of fun in season 4.

    Meghan promises Rarity does get an episode this season. She doesn't want anymore "DON'T BELIEVE HER LIES!" memes!

    They think they broke Tabitha with the Rarity lines this season

    Andrea says Pinkie Pie's season 4 writing is hilarious, and piles of crazy stuff happens to Fluttershy.

    The musical style episode in season 4 centers around Pinkie Pie.

    Pinkie Pie meets someone who gives her a run for her partying money.

    Spike is put into situations much more uncomfortable than normal.

    Q&A Section:

    Kids Questions started these out. And they love Derpy/background ponies.  They were also my favorites.

    Q: Are we going to see more Derpy?
    A: The same style of love for Derpy from Equestria Girls will be throughout season 4

    Q: Are we going to get an episode around Derpy?
    A: Part of the fun of pony is how we have taken characters as our own through fanfiction and art, and they like to let us have our fun with them. There are too many stories with the mane 6 and Spike to split off for background ponies

    Q: Soundtrack on the Way?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is Scootaloo an Orphan?
    A: Just because Scootaloo's parents haven't been on screen yet, doesn't mean they are dead. 

    Q: Why haven't Pinkie Pie's parents and sisters visited her?
    A: Season 4 has a Pinkie Pie sisters visiting episode.

    Q: Little girl is worried about Derpy being removed
    A: Don't believe anything you see on the internet. 

    Q: Will Rarity be famous due to Twilight's alicorn status and clothing line?
    A: She's already famous

    Q: Hardest lines for the VA's
    A: Andrea - Chim Cherry

    Q: Now that Twilight's an alicorn, are the mane 6 going to be alicorns? 

    Q: Are we going to see more Pinkamena?
    A: It's a very strange place for her, and they dont like doing it too often

    Q: Will Vinyl and Octavia get an episode?
    A: Pony needs a side series for all these ponies!

    Q: More cake twins?
    A: They will be there, but not focused on

    Q: What was Derpy reading in Equestria Girls to cause her to blush?
    A: My Little Pony Fanfiction

    Q: Is it hard to keep track for Andrea with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie?  She heard Fluttershy's voice on Pinkie Pie once!
    A: It's really tricky, but shes getting better at it

    Q: Will there be more babs seed?
    A: No More babs Seed

    Brony Questions:

    Q: Movie references coming up?
    A: Some good ones coming up, expecially if you pay attention to background characters.

    Q: How far adavnced is the storyline planned overall
    A: Things were set up and planned to be explored in season four from season three

    Q: More Zecora?
    A: Consider it done!

    Q: Will the Changelings come back?

    Season 4 Teaser Video: 

    Mane 6 superheroes
    Scootaloo Can't Fly Episode 
    New Villian

    Evil Luna

    Apple Family Song

    Video eventually! 

    Someone also uploaded a video, though its a bit hard to hear them.