• Story: The New Crop

    [Slice of Life][Dark]

    Author: xjuggernaughtx

    Description: A long time ago, my family moved to Appleloosa, and we ain't had no luck since. We tried growing apples, but our orchards just never took right. Now, the bank's gonna repossess unless we can get some bits together real fast. No, we ain't never been lucky, but in that ring, I don’t need luck. I’m one win away from saving our farm, and Granny says that tonight I’m fighting some fancy unicorn named Blueblood. Ain’t no way I’m losing with so much on the line. This ain't gonna be pretty. In fact, I can just about guarantee it’ll be real, real ugly.

    The New Crop

    Additional Tags: What if Sweet Apple Acres never existed?