• Guess the Character Drawing Event!

    Totally not the new character...  Or is she?!
    Based on the earlier potential season 3 character reveal (Possible spoilers!), it's time for an event!

    We aren't sure if he is actually a new character, or just some bored flash animator at Hasbro dropping random images into their quizzes to throw us off, but that has never stopped this fandom before! 

    All we have is a head.  We don't know who or what he actually is.  It could be a pony, or maybe a snake, or even a 30 headed hydra! It's really up to you!  Try to guess what he actually is, or be creative and think of something wild!

    Now grab your pencil/pen/mouse, reference the image (Possible Spoilers!), and create what you think the character will look like. 

    The deadline will be either the 20th of July, or the day after his full form is released, so draw quick!

    We will be using the competition submitter for this.  Head on past the break for a quick tutorial on things people have had trouble with in the past.

     Where do I send them?

    We will be using our new submission system.  Simply click the "Guess the Character" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be a maximum of one submission per person, so make it count!

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below.  We will not be taking direct image submissions, so make sure you follow it!

    Paste your URL Here:

    If you run into any trouble with the submission system, send an email to ([email protected]).