• Morning Roundup #108

    Due to a series of extenuating circumstances involving illnesses, conventions, loved ones, and a whole lot of rain, we regret to inform you that the Nightly Roundup for the 24th of September was cancelled. But there's good news! In it's place, we've put together this new, hip and edgy 'Morning Roundup'! Now featuring 300% less of Phoe's attempts at humor, and half of your daily fiber in just one serving!

    I am incredibly sorry for the delay, everypony. It won't happen again. Rather than getting stuck in apologies and mincing words, let's just get caught up:

    Some Really Cool Pony Wigs Found on Etsy

    Just look at these things. The mannequin faces are a little bit creepy (especially on Pinkie), but that's normal for mannequins. If you happen to have a decent chunk of change to drop on things like wigs, there's a store for you to browse here.

    Web Article Gushes About Ponies

    We were linked to this a little while ago. An article found on a feature called Forum M (as far as I can tell) on Forget the Box goes on at length about Friendship is Magic and why it's awesome. See it here if you haven't yet gotten your daily reminder of why you love tiny equines.

    Friendship is Magic to Air in Australia Starting Oct 31

    Sorry I don't have a picture for this, I was only sent a copy of an e-mail a Australian brony 'hissingskullboi' received from a Hasbro of Australia representative. The e-mail claims that at the end of October, Australian fans can catch the show on Cartoon Network on Monday-Friday at 6 am. It's something!

    Radio Free Equestria Returns

    With what is evidently their first non-pilot episode. See it here.

    Pony Cakes  

    Pony cakes? Pony cakes.

     Beach Brony Bingo - Another Podcast

    You ponies really love your podcasts, don't you? Well here, have another one.

    New Pony Blog Surfaces

    Equestrian Rhythm is a new site dedicated to reviewing and celebrating My Little Pony fan music. It's brand new and still hitting its stride, so you should go check it out and offer encouragement and feedback to help it grow.

    My Little Pony/Star Wars T-shirt  

    My diction is deteriorating the further down this I go. Anyway, in honor of the ending of yesterday's episode, here is Spike as Chewbacca.On a t-shirt. That you can buy. With your money.

    Season 2 With Alternate Language Subtitles.

    For foreign fans or fans of foreign languages alike, this channel features both episodes so far from Season 2 with both French and English subtitle options. Handy if you have difficulty following the English script via voice alone, or if you ever wanted ponies to teach you French. Those interested in a slightly more Dutch flavor should report to BeanyOne's channel, as he has brokered an arrangement and will soon be hosting versions with Dutch subtitles.

    'Pixel Art' in Real Life

    A brony signing his e-mails with 'Kruelmelmonster' went ahead and sent us some HAMA pearl creations of ponies. There's a Lyra in there and everything, so it's awesome. Check out the gallery!

    Bronies of Hungary Meetup, Total 34

    It was actually kind of difficult to figure out a way to word that headline that didn't imply a bunch of bronies who needed sandwiches got together. Anyway, have a picture from that meetup:

    'The Big Picture' Discusses Cartoons and Bronies

    Not an Escapist feature I'm familiar with, but apparently we warranted a mention in a recent installment of this series discussing the future of animation. Children are our future. So are bronies. See it here.

     Duct Tape Wallets with Cutie Marks

    Too late I realize we usually have a merchandise section for things you can buy. Oh well. These are pretty cool, so if you need a wallet go check out this store.

    Australian Brony Groups and Meetups

    A 14-man cell of Australian Bronies is actively looking for others in their area who share their interests and would be willing to join the cause. If you happen to be Australian, look at their Facebook Page and find out if your neck of the woods touches theirs.

    Meanwhile in Perth, a huge crowd of Bronies just had a meetup, which apparently involved 3 altercations with the police (all of which were misunderstandings). See a picture of all their wacky faces.

    Legend of Celestia Gameplay Video and Poll

    It's always nice to see pony video games making forward progress. Game writer and team leader Lucan just pointed us in the direction of their blog, where you can find footage of the game so far, and a link to a poll to provide feedback regarding item slots.

    So You Think You're a Brony? Episode 5 Out Now

    Featuring DJ Shamrock from Celestia Radio. Go watch here.

    Knitted Rainbow Dash Hats Are Awesome

    I just thought you should know. See it here for commission information, but for a glance at a watermark free image, just shift your eyes sliiiiiiiightly lower, if you please.

    LA/OC Brony Meetup 

    Seems like yesterday was a pretty big day for pony conventions.50 bronies from Los Angeles and Orange County got together in a park filled with streamers and partied like it was going out of style. Which it never is, because Pinkie Pie has a style all her own. Anyway, have a picture of the lot of them gathered together.

    Seth? You Can Have Your Roundups Back

    Burning through stuff as quickly as I can while fighting off a cold isn't any fun. Go ahead and give the ponies back their exclamation marks, I'll go back to doing your editing for you.

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