• (Confirmed) Shout Factory Comic Con Catalog Listing Chrystal Ponies

    I haven't been able to 100% confirm this yet, but someone named Brian clued us in to a small blurb in the Shout Factory catalog at Comic Con. In the section listing MLP DVD's, they had the Friendship Express, Royal Wedding, and:
    Title: Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom
    Date: 12/4/12
    Product: SF 13701
    UPC: 8-26663-13701-9
    MSRP: $14.97
    Description: Join the lovable ponies of Equestria for more hilarious adventures in this collection.
    The date and theme definitely matches from what we have seen so far.   Again though, I don't have the actual catalog or a screenshot for definitive proof.  I sent a query off to Shout Factory, hopefully they can double check it for us! If not, maybe one of you intrepid attendees snapped a picture of it while grabbing your paper crown?

    And then it was confirmed!

    Thanks to Justin for the image!