• Pony Game Trailers: Rainbow Dash - Pony Disaster / Pinkie's Perilous Platforms

    You are now Rainbow Dash, at least that's the goal of this upcoming game that places you in her hooves for her daily routine of sleeping, weather controlling, and obsessing over yourself.  It looks like Industry is invading the world of Equestria though, and Dash is the only one with the power to save it.  These guys made that ridiculously addicting Waiting is Magic game, so I'm looking forward to this one.  Check out the trailer after the break, or their website here!

    We also have a new trailer from Pinkie Pie's perilous platformers.  This one looks to be taking a much more basic Mario style route, but that game has been running on the same formula for ages, so I'm sure people won't mind!

    Both trailers after the break.