• Story: Never

    [Sad] "An intriguing look into the ramifications of immortality that manages to balance world-building as well as emotion." -Pre-Reader XY

    Author: shortskirtsandexplosions
    Description: “My daughter Celestia, look at me. I love you, and I wish the best for you in the eons of labor you have yet to endure. So heed my words. When we planted light upon the fields of Creation, Celestia, it was a divine thing. But there will come a time when our brilliance won't be enough. It will take a great, unknowable darkness to test the luminescence that we have bequeathed life. That is an abyss that we can never, ever follow our children down, no matter how much we love them.”

    Additional Tags: mmortality, mortality, friends, love, apathy, purple prose

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