• Spike Toy and More Mis-labeled CMC's + Household Pony Items on the Way

    This is actually an insert from one of the boxes.  Apparently a Spike toy is on the way for those that are into the whole... taking care of babies thing. It also includes the train set that was posted on Taobao a while back, and more mixed up Cutie Mark Crusaders.  I'm not really sure how they keep doing that!

    This is from a thread on MLP arena.  There aren't any release dates planned for the new stuff that I can see.

    And in other news, it sounds like Hasbro has plans to release Lunchware, Drinkware, and "Lighting" based on MLP in 2012.  No clue on what exactly these are, but they are apparently in production from a company called Spearmark.  The main article for this can be found here.   Thanks to Zephyr for the heads up on that!

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