• Nightly Roundup #145

    VIKING edition.  I bet a VIKING holiday is coming up, there are always VIKING holidays on my VIKING calendar.

    Have some news.

    Fallout Equestria RPG Testing

    An alpha module for the Fallout Equestria RPG Project is currently available for testing.  For those interested in some good old tabletop in war torn ponyland, check out the links below!

    Main Google Document

    Wiki Page

    Southern California Meetup

    Seventy to eighty people attended this one! Pretty cool!

    Meetups/Groups Looking for More

    Running of the leaves

    Location: Cookeville Tennessee, Meet at Sherlock park on TTU's campus (The football park next to Prescott Hall) then carpool to Cane Creek Park for the run.

    Details: While we're calling this is the running of the leaves, you do not have to run. Consider it voluntary competition. We're going to Cici's afterwords for lunch.

    Time: Saturday Nov 5th, Noon

    Questions: [email protected], [email protected]

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Vernon Canada Group


    Kingston Group

    Copy Paste: Brony group in Kingston Ontario looking to organize a meet up!
    Contact me ([email protected]) or hit up the Facebook group!


    Northwest Florida Paintball Meetup

    Location: Hurlburt Field AFB Paintball Field
    Time: November 12, 11:00 AM

    Finnish Synctube Channel

    For all the Finnish bronies out there, someone has set up a synchtube channel to hang out in.  Check it out here!


    It's shy

    Wave 4 Recolor Ponies Showing Up Now

    For the collectors out there, the new wave four recolors are showing up on shelves.    The ones that discovered them checked pretty much every retail chain in the valley, from Target to Toys R' Us, but only Wal-Mart had the new stuff.  Might be time to hit them up!

    Paly Alto High School Newspaper Article on Pony

    Yep! More schools with the pony.  Check this one out here

    Equestria Tides Podcast #2

    Equestria Tides has released their second podcast!   Those looking to fill their mp3 players with even more pony can find the page for it here.

    Kicked Out of Home For Liking Ponies

    A kid over on the MLP Reddit has been evicted from home for liking ponies.   Apparently his parents think we are all wackos or something! Imagine that.

    Toss him your support here!

    Ebay/Merch Stuff

    Granny Smith Custom
    Necklaces and Earings

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here