• Story: Exodus (Update Chapter 10-11!)

    [Adventure][Sci-fi ]

    Author: Hurng
    Description: The First Equine Imperium became the greatest empire in galactic history through conquest, ruthlessness and brutality, under the rule of the God-Like Emperor Galaxis.

    Its domination of the known universe would have been complete, had it not been for the discovery of humanity, and the formation of the Federation of Free Galactic States. After centuries of constant warfare, the Imperium has been reduced to a shell of its former self under the fury of the galaxy united.

    As Equestria Prime burns, Emperor Galaxis launches a desperate plan to save the Equine race. But can Celestia and Luna lead the battered survivors of their civilization to a bright new future among the stars, or have the sins of their forefathers condemned their people to an early, bloody grave?
    Exodus (New Chapter 10-11!)

    Additional Tags: Swashbuckling space adventure with ponies


    1. looking forward to reading this once i come back from basketball haha

    2. The description of this story is missing the [grimdark] tag.

    3. Very interesting. Rare enough to see humans in the right these days

    4. This is a good, good story. I particularly like the way the author really claimed and exploited the Latinate words and armor in canon to the fullest. Amazing work.

      (Which kinda explains the name Pinkamina Diane, now that I think of it.)

      But now to the rant set off by a single sentence.

      Please, o fanfic writers all, never use the word "fur" or "pelt" to describe the body hair on ponies. It's hair. Mane hair, tail hair, body hair. If it's long, coarse hair on the fetlocks and lower feet, like Big Mac probably has, or like most ponies in the winter, you can say "feathers" instead. But no fur, no pelt, no coat, no fleece (unless these are part of their clothing). Ponies don't have such things.

      Here's a horse glossary page, one of many online and in books:


      A UK pony glossary:

    5. I forgot to compliment the author on the many interesting plotlines that he/she has started. After the "big picture" of the first few chapters, we now have several interesting ponies to follow through what comes next.

    6. Wow, sounds like the stories I typically like to read, but now with ponies...

    7. Despite the mention of "alien slaves" I can't help thinking that the Federation are the bad guys here. I mean, revolution is fine but genocide seems a bit excessive.

    8. hmmm, sounds very interesting...
      might have to read it

    9. @ZarPaulus I think that prolonged enslavement and oppression would definitely inflame anger and resentment. Considering that it was most likely for generations that this occurred, that the resentment would have only grown over time. There is no "good" or "bad" only opposing sides in war. They both had their ideals, and both sides should be judged fairly. The equines weren't "good" but in my personal opinion, they were certainly worse than the federation.

      A revolution is good for society as a whole anyway, new ideas and a brand new age tends to usher in advancements to technology and standard of living in the long run.

    10. Just amusing to try an make the leap from candy colored pony to galactic conquerors. Especially the slave twist.

      The only way I see the ponies ruling a galactic empire is the way the Abh do in Crest/Banner of the stars. Firm but just. Noble but infinitely loving and compassionate to their empire. Just like Equestria.

    11. I am impressed with this story. To those who are hating the Federation's genocidal "quest", I'll take a page from Orson Scott Card; amazing author BTW. The most effective way to win is to eliminate your enemy's ability to make war, both now and in the future. Your enemy can't make war if they are dead...

    12. @Mesmer Wolf
      As I recall that was due to a misunderstanding. The Buggers didn't realize humans were individually sentient until their second invasion, and actually weren't planning a third one when Ender blew up their homeworld.

      You could have at least quoted Heinlein: "Either we spread and wipe out the Bugs, or they spread and wipe us out - because both races are tough and smart and want the same real estate."

    13. @ZarPaulus
      Very true. I was just referring to the method not the actual war. We all know that Ender would have gladly spared the Buggers if he had known that they would have lived in peace with Humanity. Besides, the Buggers are basically a Hive Mind, while ponies are not. Celly and Luna might order no fighting, but some would try and fight anyways. On the subject of Heinlein, ROUGHNECKS all the way baby!!!!. Sorry had to, I really need to reread the books, it's been years... The Bugs are kinda like Tyranids,they only seek to consume all life.

    14. @Mesmer Wolf
      Actually the Starship Troopers Bugs were allied with the Skinnies, up until an MI raid convinced them to switch sides. They weren't space locusts, just hive-minded sapient insectoids with similar environmental requirements to humanity.

    15. Okay, this story was a hedge for me at first. Then I actually sat down and started reading it, hooked immediately!

      If you like your science fiction militarized with strong leading characters, read this.


      Hey Hurng, we saw Pinkie Pie as an ace gunner for a strike craft... where is the rest of the Mane 6?

    16. @Mister Morden

      Thanks for the support!

      As for the mane 6, WAIT AND SEE.

    17. So I noticed Discord's (or who I am assuming is Discord) Jovian name sounds very similar to run amok. Clever.

    18. @Unknown

      The three words that I dread seeing when reading a story... Oh well, as long as you don't pull a George RR Martin on us, I think I can wait.


      Really liked the latest chapter, what a cliffhanger! Keep up the good work.

    19. I'm cheering for the Federation, don't ask me why.