• Always a Filly


    With her minty green coat, and the gold of her eyes
    That she's won our Phoe over should be of no surprise
    Forever a favourite on Equestria Daily
    She thinks that she's human, but she's always a filly to me.

    Watch her bounce on the clouds, 'cause no one told her it's wrong
    And keep an eye on the background, she'll pop up before long
    With that cheeky-flank grin that we're longing to see
    She'll act like she's human, but she's always a filly to me.

    Ohhh... she's a mare of music
    She will sit how she wants, just wants some air-time
    Ohhh... and she'll ever be 'shipped
    With her waifu Bon-Bon (though Phoe doesn't mind)

    It's that goofy expression, and the cutie mark'd lyre
    If she would play us a song it'll set hearts a-fire
    And though her musical talent we're still waiting to see
    Call her what you will, but she'll always be Lyra to me!

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