• Story Updates October 30th (Evening)

    Remind me not to stack two events on top of eachother anymore.  This update post is a bit more bloated than I would have liked it to be, but between email answering and pumpkin/banner compiling, I'm way behind.

    If anything is broken, toss an email to [email protected]!

    Back to pumpkins!

    Story: Equestria War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Pony War (Update Part 3!)

    5 Star

    [Grimdark-War] [Crossover]

    Author: CoffeeGrunt
    Description: Theatrics call it the Howling Hunger. The religious, the Rapture. The politicians and bureaucrats of the United Equestrian Democracy simply call it "Equestria War Z." My name is Quill Stroke, and I write these stories with the permission of the ponies that tell them. Without the pony element of this long and horrific war, I believe history will simply call it another natural disaster, allowing the tragedies and massacres that occurred to reoccur.
    Equestria War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Pony War

    Story: Apple Branches (Update Story 6) 

    4 Star

    [M/M Shipping] This post is a compilation of a trio of Big Mac/Caramel stories which were very nearly lost to the Void before being saved by a super diligent pre-reader who has more than earned his quarterly bonus muffin. He has requested that we post them on the grounds that they are, and I quote, "short, sweet and d'aww".

    The author is unfortunately unknown to me, so if anypony happens to know, leave a comment so we can get everything properly labeled. All three stories can be found after this convenient page break. Page breaks: saving space since whenever they were invented. Enjoy a refreshing Page Break Cola today!

    Apple Branches: Caramel and Apples

    Story: My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic (Update Part 4!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark][Sad][Adventure] It's October, and Halloween is right around the corner, so be prepared for the swarm of horror/zombie/monster fics!

    Author: spidersean
    Description: Years have past since the Infection swept throughout Equestria. Ponyville lays in ruin. The sun only hangs in the air for a few hours, the landscape is barren, and the skies are in utter chaos. So much has been lost to this plague. A single filly searches for answers amidst Ponyville's ruins. She seeks to unravel the chain of events behind this terrible blight, but finds much more in the shifting wastes.
    My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic

    Story: These City Walls (Update Part 5!) 

    4 Star

    [Normal] [Sad] [Slightly Dark]

    Author: KitsuneRisu
    Description: A strange series of occurances are plaguing the fine city of Canterlot, as one by one, a pony of vengeance strikes seemingly random ponies down in their prime. As the locals try to contain the situation, they find that it soon slips out of their hooves as they discover that this one simple pony might not be as simple as was originally thought. Once Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia gets involved, can everyone work together to bring down this threat that threathens to ruin the very core of Canterlot?

    These City Walls

    Story: The Monster Mash (Update Chapter 5!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Fred M. Sloniker

    Description: Six ponies. Six encounters with the supernatural.

    The Monster Mash


    Story: The Sun's Song (Update Chapters 21!) 

    4 Star

    [Crossover][Normal] Does anypony remember the first time you played Ocarina of Time? That first time you picked up the Kokiri Sword? When you met Epona? Good times. Good times.

    Author: Recamen
    Description: A warning sounds through Canterlot--an undead sorceress, a lich, unknown in Equestria for centuries, has arisen. Now, Princess Luna and a rather famous band of six ponies must band together to defeat the evil spirit. Luna will need her newfound friends as much as they do her, because should they fail...
    The Sun's Song

    Story: Shadows of the Sun (Update Part 9!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark][Sad-Tragedy] And Twilight ran. She ran so far away...

    Description: A long drought has created food shortages across all of Equestria. In an effort to restore the country to its former glory, Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle to the northern country of Prance to seek aid. But when something goes wrong, it starts a tragic chain of events that seems to have no end. With a sinister plot for power developing in the shadows of the sun, the entire world will be changed forever.
    Shadows of the Sun

    Story: Transcendence (Update Part 11!) 

     Star 6


    Author: Corejo
    Description: When Scootaloo moves to Ponyville, she meets a certain cyan pegasus who becomes her idol. Things go well for the filly until a pivotal moment in her life causes her hopes and dreams to come crashing down around her. Broken and betrayed, Scootaloo must learn to accept her reality and embrace her inner strength with the help of her father and two best friends.

    Story: To Set Right (Update Part 4!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Flying Dice
    Description: 600 years after the disappearance of Celestia and Luna and the reversion of Equestria to a wild state, two ponies living simple lives make friends, travel through ruined cities, overgrown jungles, and deserted badlands on a journey they do not yet understand. As they continue, they will discover a secret so immense that will overturn the very concept of what it is to be a pony. Yes, there are OC ponies. No, it isn't post-apocalyptic. There will be cupcakes. They will not be the GRIMDARK kind.
    To Set Right

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (Update Part 26) 

    6 Star

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Kkat Approved] Usually I toss all the Fallout: Equestria side fics into one big post, but this one has reached such a critical mass in terms of content that is has broken free from the mothership! Kkat also approved of it's separation.  At 50k+ words, I'm pretty sure it warrants it. Also rolling with Calamity until someone draws something for it!

    Plus Somber already has a bunch of other 5/6 star stuff on the blog, so we know he can pull it he totally pulled it off!

    Author: Somber
    Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more
    interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable
    99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only
    endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

    Story: Luna's Best Night Ever (Update Part 8!)

    [Normal][Shipping] So much shipping today! Have some Twiluna

    Author: The-Symbol-Dynamic
    Description: Princess Luna only wants to do her part to make the Grand Galloping Gala the best night ever for her saviors, the Elements of Harmony. She sets out on a mission, inspired by their song, to work behind the scenes and ensure everything works out perfectly for everyone.
    Luna's Best Night Ever

    Story: The Colour You Bleed (Update Chapter 5!) 

    4 Star

    [Adventure][Slightly Grimdark]

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: Caught in the middle of a struggle between Equestria and a neighboring country, Blueblood finds himself alone in unfriendly territory. Through trials and hardships he finds himself under the wing of a veteran soldier, and the arrogant, spoiled stallion begins a slow metamorphosis into the prince his country needs.
    The Colour You Bleed

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