• Nightmare Night Mega Post!

    Happy Nightmare Night, at least for those not on the east cost.  Everyone knows this holiday doesn't end until 5am anyway. I was going to toss some of the late pumpkin entries in, but I'm probably going to do that either later or tomorrow instead.  

    After the break, all sorts of crazyness can be found, from PMV's to Live action horror style pony stuff.

    Horror Stories/Fanfiction

    Silent Ponyville Mega Revamp

    Jake Hiteragu has gone through Silent Ponyville with a fine toothed comb, fixing any grammar/spelling/ect errors, and combined it all into one massive Google Document with the "best" and official ending.  If you are a fan of Silent Hill, or just horror in general, this 6 star fanfic is sure to entertain you for... well the rest of the night.  It's a long one!

    Check it out here.

    Campfire Collaboration

    A project that has been going on for a while now has completed, combine a bunch of authors together to create a campfire story style fic.  Read the rules at the top and follow along!

    Find it here.


    Luna Halloween Map

    Another TF2 Map has popped up, and is being hosted for the night on the Friendship is AllTalk servers. 

    Hit up this ip:

    Or visit the youtube demonstration video for more information!

    Luna Eclipse Nightmare Night Map

    And in case you want to host your own, another map has been created converting the traditional ponyville map into a nightmare night version.  Find it here!


    My Little Amnesia

    Halloween Brony: Based on this banner

    Click the banner to view it!
    Ponygeist 2

    German Luna Eclipse Fan Dub

    Rainbow Dash Presents: Cupcakes


    Halloween Special, The Night of Nightmares (Nightmare Moon's Theme) [Original]

    Nightmare Moon (Original Mix) - DJ Spike Befreinds Dr. Dissonance

    Nightmare Moon (Original Mix) - DJ Spike Befreinds Dr. Dissonance by DJ-SPIKE-OFFICIAL

    This is Nightmare Night!