• The Brony Show #25

    Another week, another show! Copy paste below.

    "The Brony Show 25
    Hey everypony! We have another great The Brony Show just in time for the spooky holiday spirit! On this live episode we have an interview with Sargent Sprinkles, the infamous author of 'Cupcakes'. That's right. He's here, on our show, on Halloween! How cool is that?! We'll also be commenting on another great episode of MLP, most likely Party of One due to popular demand and irony. We also have lots of fun news and PMV's, as well as some spooooooky ones to enjoy the holiday with. All this combined with our random oatmeal insanity, you know this will be the best episode so far! So come on and check it out on Monday at 6PM PST - 9PM EST at http://thebronyshow.net. We'll also be doing a live preshow an hour before filled with perky pony popular PMV's. Check it all out with Circuit Mane, Hyper Mark, Foxtrot, and D-Pad."

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