• Story: A Tangled Web (Update Part 3!)

    [Sad][Adventure][Grimdark] That is both the longest stream of tags and the longest description I have ever seen. Brevity is the soul of wit, ponies.

    Author: lesserpoet
    Description: Every civilization is predicated upon a set of founding myths, a unique Pantheon of heroes and villains. We laud them, idolize them, even speak for them. The nice thing about our legends though, is that they remain firmly locked in our past. They are, in a word, dead.

    Imagine for a moment that they were not gone forever. Imagine if one day, they returned, and wanted their power back. Imagine if what we knew of them was built on lies.

    Equestria has had 1000 years of relative peace, and prosperity. With the return of Luna, the balance upon which her walls have stood has been restored. Unfortunately, every empire falls. Often, our epilogues are etched deep into those histories that brought about the founding itself. The Elements of Harmony saved the fallen Princess, but their power comes with a heavy cost. When an ancient lie is revealed, when an old dawn threatens the survival of the Equestrian Age, an opportunity arrises to write history anew.... but even in this, as in everything else, what's past is bound to be prologue.

    A Tangled Web: Prologue and Chapter I
    A Tangled Web: Chapter II
    A Tangled Web: Chapter III (New!)

    Additional Tags: Origin, Loss, Revelations, Repercussions, Classical Epic

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