• Nightly Roundup #61

    Ponibooru was slow as hell all day, so I delayed the drawfriend to tomorrow.  I do already have 22 images saved up for it though, so It's probably going to be a big one again (And take freakin forever)

    Have some crusaders!

    Meetups Looking for More
    Chicago Comic Con Brony Meetup

    Finnish Subtitles

    Another subtitle group has popped up on youtube, this time specializing in Finnish. You can find it here!

    Pony Singing Contest

    For those interested in showing off their vocal chords, a new singing contest has started up! You can find more information about it by following this Youtube Link!

    Sapphire Shores Casting Call

    An animation project is looking for someone who can voice Sapphire Shores (as well as sing). Have some copy paste: 

    I need a voice actress to play the role of Sapphire Shores, (as seen in A Dog And Pony Show.) Since this will be a MUSICAL production, the actress MUST be able to not only voice Sapphire Shores, but also SING as her. Something in the style of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross... or Sweetie Belle, when she sang, "Hush Now, Quiet Now."
    Interested applicants should e-mail me at [email protected], with their name, acting portfolio, (if any) and a recorded sample of themselves trying out for the part of Sapphire Shores, both singing AND speaking, (although web links would be greatly preferred.) Again, I cannot stress this enough: if I do NOT hear you singing as Sapphire, you will NOT be considered for the role!

    New Pony Nightmare Moon Steam Group

    Another steam group specializing in all things Nightmare Moon is looking for more people to join.  You can find it here

    A Private Analysis Made Public: The Values of MLP:FiM

    More crazy essay things for you guys to divulge into.  You can find it here!

    John Freeman Synchtube Channel

    Another 24/7 Synchtube is looking for more people to join their ranks.

    They have a pretty awesome Promo Video too, you can check it out here.  It does a lot better job of explaining everything than the walls of text they wanted me to copy paste at least!

    Fallout Equestria/OC Pony GMOD Skins

    For those of you who want to possibly create a Fallotu Equestria GMOD Video, D4SHTH3R4INB0W has a bunch of recolors set up on his Deviant Art page.  Have a list!

    Velvet Remedy

    They just replace current skins right now, so nothing fully customized, but it's still neat to see the progress of it.

    Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Pony Rules

    Someone has gone through the ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition and ponified it all.  Sadly I've only ever played Infinity Engine games with the old D&D rules, so it's mainly voodoo to me, but some of you might get a kick out of it.

    You can find it here!

    Taking Cardboard Twilight Sparkle too Far

    Sadly, Applejack is too afraid to express her feelings to the real Twilight Sparkle, so she has to resort to driving around with a cardboard one. 

    Following in her footsteps, is a crazy brony who also lacked the confidence to tell Twilight Sparkle how he felt!  He took a queue from Applejack and built his own cardboard cut-out. 

    I want one....

    Rainbow Dash Owns a Snow Cone Franchise

    Weather patrol? Pfft... that was BEFORE Dash made millions off of her personal snowcone franchise.

    Mascot Pony Comic

    More sneaky ponies in webcomics! Yay~

    Have a link

    Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Painting

    Equestria Daily News

    yay ponies

    Update Queue
    Fanfic Spreadsheet Update
    Cognitive Dissonance (Upate Part 6!)
    The Vagabond (Update Story 2, Part 7!)
    Hard-Boiled Friendship (Update Part 3!)
    Off The Edge Of The Map (Update Complete!)
    The First Light of Dawn (Update Part 4!)
    Order-naries (Update Story 3 Complete!)
    A Pony and a Portal (Update Complete!)
    One Last Quest (Update Complete!)
    Blazing Glory (Update Part 10)
    Twilight Sparkle:Mare Attorney - Justice For Everypony (Update: Case 2 Chapter 1!)

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