• Minnesota Mall of America Meetup Compendium

    There are so many of these going on lately,  I might have to start a compilation thing up.  This one happened on Saturday over in Minnesota at the Mall of Amercia.  I really want to check that place out some time...   Have some copypaste after the break!

    "From the census, everyone had a good time! The other admin and I only thought we'd have ten or fifteen people attending, but at our peak, the group was at 48 people!
    The meet was at the Mall Of America and started around 11am. The first thing we did besides meet each other was raid the toy store next door in the pink aisle. They had ponies there! When we finished that, the other admin came back with nametags, which was especially helpful since we were such a large group. @[email protected]
    We walked through Nickelodeon Universe, up some escalators and to the food court. We had an idea to seat people by favorite pony, but the group was just too massive and we couldn't organize it quick enough, so we just went ahead and ate. This took up a good amount of time, though!
    So, to make up for what we wanted to make as an ice-breaking lunch, we decided to gather in a circle and have everyone go one by one, saying their name, favorite pony and any added stuff. We really had to yell in order for anyone to hear! The guards were watching us, but let us finish up...
    Right after this was probably a lot of peoples' favorite part: pony-izing the Best Buy computers! Eventually we had everything from episodes, to fanfics to Equestria Daily up. Eventually we left when the staff started getting annoyed, though. ^ ^;;
    Then we wandered around, got some free sample cheese, went to a magnet store, to Gamestop and to Barnes And Noble. I had to leave right after Barnes And Noble, but I heard that everyone gathered around to watch Sonic Rainboom on a laptop and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner at five!
    Again, everyone had a fun time and we're hoping to do another meet-up sometime soon!
    If you're a Minnesotan brony and would like to suggest ideas for another meet or just get information and talk to other bronies in the area, our RDN group is here: http://rainbowdash.net/group/mnbronies
    Thanks for attending, guys! c:"
    Video Log of the Event
    More Videos Part 1 / Part 2

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