• Story: Blazing Glory (Update Complete!)


    Author: The Lord Of Dust
    Description: Follow our group of only slightly insane misfits as they live their daily lives.  Of course, their daily routines involve subservient zombies, magical catastrophes,  explosions both emotional and physical,  petty spiteful revenge, sexual harassment, occasional murder, the humble goal of dethroning the Princesses and the Elements of Harmony, and just a smidgen of unbridled insanity.  When it's just an average day for the Overly Impressive Mares, anything can happen!  Lot's of art, minisodes, and some animations coming soon.(Reading of Blazing Glory not required.)
    Blazing Glory Part 1
    Blazing Glory Part 2
    Blazing Glory Part 3
    Blazing Glory Part 4
    Blazing Glory Part 5
    Blazing Glory Part 6
    Blazing Glory Part 7
    Blazing Glory Part 8
    Blazing Glory (All Links)
    Blazing Glory (All Links)

    Additional Tags: long, oc ponies, missionaries, everypony, epic