• Nightly Roundup #40

    Galaxy pony edition!

    Or kitsune pony, I don't really know what that thing is.  Is this even an FiM image?


    On with he news!

    Comics Plugging Ponies!

    There are a few this time around, so have a list!
    1. Loldwell (Pony Corgi)
    2. El Goonish Shive (Yep, again! Might as well convert to a pony comic at this rate)
    3. NSFW Comics (Apparently he actually is a brony, so I guess it's the same as [INSERT NATIONALITY HERE] comedians making fun of their own culture... right?)
    4. Catena Manor

    Crazy comic artists!

    Ponies Return to Memebase

    A few weeks ago, Memebase.com banned ponies, completely wiping out every single trace of them and deleting any new entries that popped up.

    As we have seen in the past, this never actually works. My Little Pony has now returned, and can be found under the Bronies category.

    Roy is a Brony Contact Information

    Last night I plugged a fan comedy film project called "Roy is a Brony". He didn't give me any contact information though! I had him send it this morning. If you are interested, check out the post about it here!

    And contact him here: [email protected]

    Trixter Online Brony Guild

    Another group is working on setting up a brony guild, this time over on Trickster Online. 

    If you play this game, and want to join in, you can find the link to the forum post here, or an alternate one here

    Derpy Hooves in "Castle Crashing a Wedding"

    A Castle Crashers flash over on Newgrounds thew derpy hooves at the end.  Not exactly groundbreaking for newgrounds, but still pretty neat!

    You can find it here!

    Washington DC Brony Meet

    Another successful meetup!  I haven't heard of any of these going badly yet.  Is it possible that bronies everywhere are similar enough to actually have fun with complete strangers? Apparently these guys did!  You can find a few videos below!

    Winter Wrap Up Singalong
    So Many Wonders Singalong

    Also some photos here!

    Comic Con Meetup!

    A spur of the moment meetup is happening for comic con.  If you are going, it would probably be a good idea to check out this thread!

    FiM Review on DA

    I think ten people sent this throughout the day, so apparently it's good! Enjoy!

    Equestria Daily News

     Merch Shop Updates
    A few more shops have been added to the merch mall. Have a list!
    Somepony-10 Dollar Vector Shirts
    Stinkehund-Pony-Posters and Shirtmotives from Stinkehund over at dA or for sale at redbubble. Also does requests if he's able to.

    Story Updates
    Elements of Awesome
    Mines of Dragon Mountain
    Fallout Equestria
    Brotherhood of the Moon
    Best Night Ever Extended
    Luna's Best Night Ever
    Too Shy for a Rainbow

    19 Million hits!

    ALMOST THERE! 20 mil is soclose...

    Ninja Pony Demoted
    Fluttershy is now best pony~

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here