• Story: The Best Night Ever Extended (Update Complete!)


    Author: Stainless Steel Fox
    Description: I'm tired of Grimdark, are you tired of Grimdark? Even Celestia's tired of Grimdark, and that _is_ Grimdark. I've never been so tired of Grimdark except when I read Cupcakes, and I mean who can top that...

    Pinkieness aside, I want to see something good happen. After all, we're supposed to like these ponies. And what better opportunity is there than the Grand Galloping Gala? Does anyone else feel that our heroes got a rather raw deal? Princess Celestia telling them it's all okay went some way towards restoring the balance, but I don't think it went anyway near far enough. Here's my non-canon, but heartfelt extension to the story. With added Luna.
    The Best Night Ever Extended (All Links) (New!)

    Additional Tags: Humour, Post-Gala, Teamwork, Friendship, CheerfulLight

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