• Machine Shop Rainbow Dash and Filly Speedpaint

    Some crazy brony who works at a machining center sent this one in.  Apparently he popped one of megasweets simple pony vector's into his Gibbscam program and produced this with it.  He's doesn't yet have permission to actually plug it into the machine to make an aluminum rainbow dash (yet), but it's still pretty neat to watch the program in action!

    Also some Filly guitar speedpainting!  Art queue's are fun.

    1.) GubbsCAM pony
    2.) Rainbow Dash Filly Speed Paint


    1. and who says bronies aren't manly? workin at a machine shop, yo, cutting out ponies with lazers! or grinders. or whatever their machines use over there.

    2. Thats a CNC machine program, the real brony would make it in a machine shop. and then display it proudly.

    3. dat spirited away background music
      nice vid

    4. If aluminum cutouts were mass produced, they would be on my "Priority" buy list.

    5. I would like to commission a full set of the mane 6 in sheet aluminum.

      Now shut up and take my money.

    6. O_O That was Adobe Illustrator?

      I need to try that one and forget about Freehand.

    7. Awesome, I have been inspired.

    8. @James Corck

      That's not Illustrator.

      Though the vector art was indeed designed in Illustrator, the software in the video is actually a solids based CAD/CAM software package that has the capability to convert vector images into tool paths.

      (I used to be a machinist before I got into film and video)

    9. Dude, so cool! I love these machines-had a cheap version to use on wood, but, well, it was cheap and the drawing arm melted on the second design.
      I'd love to see ponies done in metal!
      You, Mr. Machinabrony are awesome.
      The speedpaints pretty awesome too!

    10. @ 1

      That's pretty lame.
      He just loaded the picture there.
      I can and will do better.

      Do expect...

    11. @Maxaminus
      I think Corck was referring to the second video, which was done in illustrator, yeah.
      Although there are free programs with the same capabilities.(okay, not as much) like inkscape and gimp.

    12. What kind of software do people use to record video of their computer sessions like this. I've heard of a few but the two I tried were very limited? Recording live audio with the video would be helpful as well.

    13. @Sir Leadhead
      >and who says bronies aren't manly? workin at a machine shop, yo, cutting out ponies with lazers! or grinders. or whatever their machines use over there.

      Probably water jets. Ultra high pressure water jets, narrowed through a jeweled nozzle to a fine stream that can cut through four inch thick marble, granite, stainless steel, etc.

      For example, it's about thirty times more powerful than one of those power washers you'd use at the car wash. I once accidentally raked one of those wands across my leg and the spray sheared away a layer of skin. Those industrial jets can strip a tree of it's bark at a distance of forty feet.

      Source: http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/energy/question553.htm

      Fuggin' manly shit right there, bro.

    14. I really need to start using Illustrator. Been using Photoshop instead for the vectoring. An alternative way but Illustrator gives it that authenticity.

    15. I work at a machine shop, we have a CNC machine and we can make everything for anything, I was thinking of making a pony design myself, but I don't know how to draw =[

    16. @Sorrowful FRAPS is generally regarded as the standard, though many alternatives exist. The thing is, though, that you'll have to pony up actual money to get anything worthwhile without the built-in restrictions.
      @Vermillion Twilight That machining example was not cut all the way through the way a water-jet or laser cutter would have done, and was gradually removed at a fixed depth by different sized cutting bits. This would indicate good-ole'-fashioned CNC vertical milling with cutting bits; the likes of which the Formula SAE team at my school makes extensive use of.

    17. Both are very cool, the aluminium cut would make a neat badge or belt buckle. I want Pony Mudflaps.

    18. @waffle911

      *actually clicks on thumbnail*

      Ahh. Well, wouldja' lookit that.

      Do they keep their equipment locked up? Are they susceptible to being converted to Bronism? Then you know what must be done. Just take care to make use of the best materials, and the best pony. You know which one that is, I don't have to tell you. Good luck, and Celestiaspeed!

    19. I am educated in mechanics, even CNC. I am looking for a job as a CNC operator (but with lathe, perferrably)

      Anyhow. I can really imagina custum ordering a pony at a future work place. :D

    20. Hey everypony, thanks for commenting on the pony aluminum cutout (was my first pony related project). Ideally I plan to build or purchase my own little CNC tabletop mill (several guides on the internet for "do-it-yourself)" that would be able to produce these kind of projects at home, but generally it can run between 6000-10,000$ to get yourself set up at home with a rigid CNC and Software that would be able to move quickly through aluminum and/or maybe stainless. One can only dream, eh? In the mean time, I'll try and do a couple more. Maybe add some extra details.

      OH! and some extra eye candy, imagine the object in this video was Rarity.... Could be done.

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