• Canterlot Set and DVD

    Canterlot Castle: $19.99
    Mixed news coming from our drawfriend bro Atlur.  Apparently target has these toys siting in the back room, with the release date set at August first.

    Everything comes with a specific Canterlot style theme, including the DVD which holds both "Suited for Success" and "Ticketmaster"for $9.99.   Lets...pray this isn't the planned episode releases Hasbro was talking about.  Call me crazy but last I heard 10 bucks was a lot for two episodes in SD!

    You can find more images after the break, including the street date and the DVD boxes.  Sadly it's all done with a cell phone camera, so it's difficult to read, but at least it's there!

    Toy pile

    Front of DVD box

    Back of Canterlot Castle

    Street Date