• Nightly Roundup #39

    Have some cake with your news.

    I'm so glad Madmax is back!

    Ctone's Hat Contest Winners

    The drawing for the hat contest (Found here) has been completed! The two winners are Tim L and Mechdragon10011.  Grats dudes!  You are not that much closer to being as cool as Trixie.

    Thingteq Troll Emoticons Adds Ponies

    For those of you who use Facebook and such, an addon called Troll Emoticons recently patched in a bunch of ponies.  You can find it here!

    Comedy Short Film "Roy is a Brony" Looking for For People

    A Comedy show about bronies is currently in progress! Have some copypaste:
    "Roy is a Brony" is a comedy depicting the lives of three friends who are suddenly launched into the brony world after one of them is caught red-handed enjoying an episode of MLP. But things are not all rainbows and butterflies in the MLP world; The three high schoolers stumble upon a pony conspiracy that could put the entire world in danger."
    If you live in or around Richmond, Virginia, they are currently looking for people to stand in as extras/producers.  You can find their script here!

    CONTACT INFO: [email protected]

    Ponychan Dice Bag Givaway

    CometTail over on Ponychan is doing a Dice Bag Givaway!  All you have to do is write out your best RPG moment.  Two people will win, one chosen, the other random.  You can find the thread here!

    Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Brony Guild

    A game for Andriod/IOS currently has a small brony following building up, and they are looking for start a guild.  You can find the thread here if you are interested!

    Public Mumble Server Fanfic Live Reading Times

    The public brony mumble server ( IP: Port: 64738 ) hosts annual fanfic reading nights, and they asked me to plug their schedule here...so have at it!

    Mask of Data - The Sun is Tired - 3 Parts a week *5+ Star on EQd*!!!!
    Monday 18th -  4pm MST - 10pm GMT
    Filleg - Pony Royalle
    Thursday - 9pm (GMT+1) - 8PM GMT
    Please inform people that Pony Royalle is quite grim. Hence the later reading time.
    You can find the mumble download here

    Pinkie Pie Theme Song Sync

    Sedaheht over on Youtube has synced up the Pinkie Pie version of the FiM opening with the actual video.  You can find it here!

    NYC Monthly Meet Has 20 Slots left! 

    This one might as well be a convention at the numbers they pull in.  Have some Purple Tinker copypaste!

    Bronies-NYC is having one of our monthly meets next Saturday. For those who have not yet attended, these meets are a great chance to hang out with other bronies for five (or more!) straight hours of pure pony fun! This time, we are having a video Q&A session from well-known pony artist Egophiliac in our Artist's Alley area. We will also have a wide variety of pony merch for sale, of course.

    If you are going to be in/near the NYC area next Saturday, July 23, please go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC and RSVP! It costs just $15.

    Lets Play: Story of the Blanks

    Over on "That Guy With the Glasses", a Lets Play of Story of the Blanks has been posted up.  I'd suggest actually trying the game alone though, he does sort of ruin the creepy suspense, which is the whole point in playing it!  You can find the video here!

    Toys R' Us Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pony

    Looks like a sale is going on over at Toys R' Us.  Apparently a bunch of toys are buy 1 get 1 free, including ponies.  This might finally be an excuse for me to buy a brushable one...

    You can find the ad here!

    Applejack Tattoo

    Yes, That is totally an Applejack cutie mark tattoo.

    I think if I got a tattoo, it would be a full pony.  Might as well go all the way right?

    Equestria Daily News

    Move over Trixie!  Equestria Daily has a new mascot!

    Ninja Pony is amazing.
    Best Pony

    Oh, and I added a 3 more stores to the Custom Merch Mega Mall.
    The Ocular Proof
    Poni Apparel 

    And these stories updated Today...
    Apple Bloom
    Cutie Mark Clash
    Nightfall at Sweet Apple Acres
    The Romancing Quest
    Elements of Awesome
    On Feathered Wings
    One Last Quest
    The Empty Room
    My Little Time Lord
    Mort Takes a Holiday
    Estrella Noctis
    Pony Age Origins
    Lingering Nightmare
    Mine, Little Pony! Crafting is Magic
    Struggle for Power

    That took way longer than I thought.. I didn't realize I posted so many updates.  Glad no fanfiction mode exists!

    And that is all for tonight!

    Off to write fanfiction about my Ninja pony set in Baldur's Gate, (Who is actually a Kensai/Thief dual class, but prefers to be called ninja, cause ninjas are cool)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here