• Story: Nightfall at Sweet Apple Acres (Part 5!)

    [Sad]  Sadness time! Hope you are prepared for it!

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: Summer Sparkles and Apple Blossom want to ask the grand matriarch of the apple clan for her consent to their marriage, and get an answer - and a task - they don't expect.
    Nightfall at Sweet Apple Acres-Chat Room

    Additional Tags: sadness, life, gifts, marriage, memories

    All Parts after the Break!

    [Sad] Rainbow Dash
    Description: Time has passed on, and Rainbow is no longer the captain of the Wonderbolts. Her wings wont carry her, and a pegasus that can't fly is not much of a pegasus. A visit to Twilight will let her have one last flight in her balloon...
    Nightfall: The Last Sonic Rainboom

     sadness, life, mail, flight, sonic rainboom, rainbow dash, twilight, scootaloo, derpy

    [Sad] Fluttershy
    Description: Fluttershy has lived a long time "alone" in her cottage - but she's
    not really alone. She has all of her bunny-friends to help her get
    through the day. However, she is well-loved, and whilst waiting for a
    visit from her niece, Feather Blossom, instead is visited by two
    ponies. One the somewhat-ordinary Bright Eyes, the other...is Luna.
    On Fragile Wings

    fluttershy, bunnies, loneliness, butterflies, freedom, fluttershy, luna, angel, derpy

    [Sad] Rarity
    Description: House Rarity has gone from strength to strength over the
    years, and whilst Rarity is no longer a young filly, she still
    commands power and respect. However, she has been working *very* hard
    to get this, her latest fashion show, on the road. In the midst of the
    pandemonium, in the midst of panic and plush, Rarity confronts her
    three daughters with a secret that has been many years in the making.
    The Fourth Gem

    [Sad] Pinkie Pie
    Description: Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony of Pinkie Pie's Party-tacular Party Emporium has created a masterpiece of a party for Princess Luna's birthday, but something is missing... and not only with the party. As she adds that little extra something to her humble soiree, she finds what she is looking for in a little foal, her grand-daughter Fizzy Pop.
    Party On (New!)

    Additional Tags: fun, parties, explosions, ghosties, giggling

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