• Nightly Roundup #139

    Tennis Luna edition!  She still kind of has socks right?

    Have some news.

    Polish Winter Wrap Up
    Another Winter Wrap Up!? Madness I say!

    Denver Brony Meetup Report

    A meetup recently went down in Denver, and they created a video displaying it! Check it out here.


    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    Name: The Shadowbolts


    West Michigan Group

    Other Information: This group will accept pretty much all requests to join.


    University of Notre Dame Facebook Group


    Oni-con Cosplay Meetups


    Event Schedule


    It's so smooooth

    Starcraft Two Pony Mod Project Seeking 3D Modeler

    Someone is attempting to create a pony race for Starcraft. If you are a modeler, the team he set up is looking for help. Hit up this video for more information.

    Everfree Radio Promo Video

    Everfree Radio is passing around a promo video to show off their stuff. Check it out here!

    They also have 24/7 pony music going on for those that want to break off from their current pony playlists. Hit that up here!

    Fan Labor Wiki Page

    Another wiki has popped up, exclusively for fan content. If you have created something, head on over to this page and submit it!

    Paper Play Scene Pony Toy

    I'm not completely sure if this is new, but someone found this at a book place.  Pretty neat!

    So You Think You're a Brony Episode 12

    These guys sure do update a lot! You should just subscribe!

    New Episode

    Another Pony Calendar

    A new pony calendar has popped up on Amazon, similiar to the one that is popping up at Dollar Tree stores.  Right now it's rollin with

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Pony Keychains
    Ditzy Hat
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Pony Keychains
    Surprise Blind Bag Custom
    Pony Magnets

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