• Youtube catch-up: Results!

    Youtube has been caught up, and the results are now live for everypony to see. A total of 22 unearthed videos (plus an extra 4 that warrant comparison) made the cut, with 9 in particular dazzling this pony fan. Embeds, commentaries, and additional video links are all available after the break!

    The EqDaily Youtube archive is the ultimate destination for these videos. Several of them have clearly spread around the Web already, but the archive only catalogs videos that have been featured on this blog. As such, not all of these videos will be new to most readers. Nevertheless, here's hoping the following featurettes present something for anypony to enjoy!

    Hoity Toity's Best of the Best Boutique: Rare and valuable gems

    #1 - Music - Winter Wrap Up Instrumental - March 15th, 2011: One half of "catching up" the archive is showcasing content most pony fans have doubtlessly already seen - or heard, in instances like this one. This is Will Anderson's instrumental take on Daniel Ingram's "Winter Wrap Up" song from the episode of the same name.

    #2 - Trailer - My Little Pony: FIM - Inception Trailer - March 28th, 2011: This trailer is different from the pseudo-trailer posted months ago, and it is excellent. I freely admit to being a devout Inception fan, and this pony take on the movie's trailer is truly glorious. Worth watching for a variety of reasons, notably Rarity's bit part.

    #3 - Trailer - My Little Pony: FIM - Enchanted trailer - April 14th, 2011: This trailer, created by the same individual who created the above Inception trailer, definitely deserves more publicity! It's similarly excellent. I enjoyed and applaud it quite a bit despite never having seen the movie in question. The voice for "Sweetie Belle" in this one is *remarkably* fitting.

    #4 - Music - MLP:FiM BGM - Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading (Instrumental - No Sound Effects) - April 17th, 2011: Somehow, this song slipped under the radar here! This was my favorite tune in the show for quite some time. Actually...it still might be. Composed by Will Anderson, scrubbed clean of sound effects by Senn555, and synced back to the FiM animation by infinitydash. Huzzah!

    #5 - Music - Shooting Stars Across Equestria (Isolated Instrumental) - April 27th, 2011: This is the shooting star show music from Owl's Well That Ends Well. Short, but elegant.

    #6 - PMV - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Epic Rainboom (HD) - May 17th, 2011: This PMV is fantastically shiver-inducing, in my experience. Oh, and I teared up, too - but I tend to do that every time I see the Sonic Rainbooms. I think this one flew under the radar because its title resembles that of an unrelated video. "Epic" is tossed about far too often, but I believe it's a solid word choice here.

    #7 - PMV - PMV: The Cutie Mark that I Get (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - May 17th, 2011: This wins Tek's Most Urgently Deserves More Attention™ award. Taking footage from every single Season 1 episode, this PMV pays great tribute to the mane cast and their various characteristics. Dunno why it never made the cut before... Maybe nopony likes ska? Eh. I like ska. Yep. *nods*

    #8 - Simfile - Stepmania - Giggle at the Ghosties Paraparasprite Mix - May 28th, 2011: I'm not actually certain whether or not simfiles "qualify" for inclusion into media posts - but, since I've seen Rock Band and DDR footage, let's go for it! Take interest, all ye who would play this.

    #9 - Animation - Doctor Whooves - June 11th, 2011: I'm allowing this video through, despite the May 31st cutoff date, for one reason: it was already posted here as a vimeo link. Here's the Youtube upload for those who only saw the vimeo link and missed it on Youtube as a result.

    Sapphire Shores' Zigfilly Follies: Other neat stuff

    My Little Pony - The Last Unicorn
    MLP FiM: Pony Tik Tok (content advisory)
    Ride the Rainbow
    Doctor Whoof Intro Parody
    Cutie Mark Crusaders Without The Music (Scootaloo's singing VA deserves a proper take on this)
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Seeker
    Twilight Sparkle and Trixie - What is this Feeling?
    Fluttershy is an adorable little angel
    My Little Pony - When You're Evil (Aphelian's Theme) [PMV]
    Pinkie O Brian's Thor Commercial
    [animooted] Dirty Androids VS Pony Punk - Golden Cupcakes
    MLP:FiM PMV - Pinkie's New Disease
    Twilight Sparkle Knows How Fans Think

    Da Photo Finish: Cleaning up

    One quick dealio left. Want You Gone by Jonathan Coulton inspired four distinct PMVs. You decide which is best! Presented in chronological order of Youtube upload.

    To all those whose videos haven't yet made it onto Equestria Daily, I say this: Keep at it! In the words of one Jayson Thiessen: "DON'T GIVE UP." Hone your craft and your works may yet grace the pages of this blog. All for the love of ponies!

    That's all for this month's Youtube catch-up. Judging by the rate that the pony video catalog is growing (over 1250 videos posted to Equestria Daily alone), I may run this event again sometime in August. I shall be much faster at compiling the results next time, as well. (Pinkie Pie promise.)

    And that's a wrap! Love you all, pony fans! Tek out.

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