• Flash Game: Trinelight Beta

    A while back, a game called Trine was included in one of those humble indie bundles, and for a good day and a half, I found another obsession to fawn over that finally didn't have anything to do with colorful equines with anime eyes.  Sadly, the game was pretty short, but I enjoyed every moment of it, and spammed pretty much everyone on my steam list with praise about how amazing it was.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago,  and you can find a post about a physics based flash game someone was working on for school. 

    Imagine how amazed I was when I opened my mail today and saw that he was turning it into Trine with ponies. 

    So far it's looking really awesome! He needs beta testers though.  Have some links!

    You can find the new demo of the game here!

    If you want to help beta test, send an email here, with "Trilight BETA participant" as the title.

    He also opened up a blog to track progress for the game, which you can find here!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here