• Story: The Empty Room (Update - Side Story Part 6!)

    [Grimdark][Adventure][Sad][ROLLERCOASTER] I was saddened, terrified, and fascinated all in the same chapter. More, please! -Pre-reader #15

    Author: Wanderer D
    Description: Luna feels something weird when walking through Canterlot and finally, with Celestia's help, manages to discover what it is. But what does it mean?

    Silent Jade (Side Story) (New Part 6!)
    The Empty Room (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Mystery, Family, Friendship, Learning, Hope

    Fan Art 




    1. Good story so far, very interesting.

    2. all i gotta say is that picture

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    4. @Anonymous
      Spam, spam, wonderful spam!

      Also, the first time I saw this title, my thoughts immediately turned to The Room. Now, of course, we need some Tommy Wiseauny.

    5. Grimdark...adventure...comedy...

      Looks like this is quite the story.

    6. Interesting start, and am curious as to where this story goes.


    8. @Anonymous Try Furaffinity.

      Regarding the story, a wonderful beginning with some very nice touches. Mystery, drama, and comedy. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installments.

    9. @Anonymous

      ...dude. We're popular enough to start getting poorly translated spam comments.

      That's...kind of scary, actually.

    10. A GrimDark Adventure Comedy? What the hell?

    11. Of course you realise, this, needs moar.

    12. Nothing makes apony fic awesome like trixie getting eaten

    13. The Great and Powerful Trixie will not be eaten alive!!! [SpikeScream]NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!![/SpikeScream]

    14. I cannot begin to express, in any sort of writing, how much I would like this to continue. Also, Best. Tags. Ever.

    15. Awesome first chapter! Please sir, may I have some more?

    16. Interesting... but please don't let Trixie be Celestia's long-lost daughter.

    17. I as well am greatly interested in this. This has a lot of potential and I eagerly await watching the story develop.

    18. I normally avoid Grimdark tags, but since this also had a comedy tag I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

      Intriguing first chapter. Curious to see where you are going with this. Scared though, like I said, I don't usually read Grimdark stories... Hope I am not going to regret this one.

    19. Though I don't like stories that have more than one thing going on at once, I must say that this is one of the few stories that caught my attention. Just don't make it too predictable.

    20. Interestingly, I'd played with a (vaguely) similar idea. It was depressing.

    21. Honestly, maybe it's just because it's the first chapter, but Trixie ending up as a snack without so much as a struggle sounds... well, meaningless. Sort of like "Hi, I'm the guardian. I'm evil. And to prove that I'm evil I'll eat Trixie, just because. Oh, and she won't fight me, even if she could try, because vore makes for such splendid drama."

      I don't like the blue bombastic blowhard all that much (although, fanfiction after fanfiction, she's growing on me), but using her as a sacrificial prop? The author could just as well have used an OC, IMHO. But hey, maybe things will get better in future chapters.

    22. Its gotten to the point where the inclusion of trixie (especially if twilight is in the same story) is enough to make me stop reading a fic.
      Imagine my surprise when...

    23. I figured that Trixie being eaten only happened in Twilight's nightmare, since Spike's burp mirrored the Guardian's.

      So far the story seems to be all over the place, not sure if I'll continue reading the next chapter.

    24. Hello everypony, author here.

      Yes... that picture...

      @Stephen Cawking well if you do read further I hope You'll enjoy it more! But thanks for giving it a try!

      @Anonymous There's a reason Trixie was eaten... she looked yummy. j/k I actually have a purpose in that, which hopefully will become more clear in the following chapters...

      @Velvet Yeah I do get slightly depressed when I work on the Empty Room scenes in particular, but it's part of the story you know?

      @Anonymous I will do my best to make it as unpredictable as storytelling allows without pulling a 'Lost' on it.

      @Baree Well, thank you for reading it then! I will be the first to admit that I also tend to avoid certain stories based on tags, although I have found some I would have otherwise avoided to be amazing gems! (Not that mine is, mind you) The comedy/Grimdark is a bit hard to balance, but I'll do my best to make it enjoyable!

      @Anonymous Thanks! I hope I write up to that potential!

      @Fengor Yes.

      @TenchiFreak5 Exactly

      And finally thank you everypony for your kind words and honest opinions! If you're staying, I hope you like the following chapters!

    25. A story where it's insinuated that Celestia has children.

      You've certainly hooked me.

    26. I definitely like this beginning, I anticipate future chapters.

    27. I see where this is going and I'm enjoying it. Keep up the good work

    28. Hee, now if only I could remember the author of "Mort Takes a Holiday"... If it isn't you, then I absolutely LOVE the reference.

      If it is you, I still love it.

      Silly Mort, forgetting to cut the thread...

      Hoofmares/Handmaidens - Nice touch there.

      "They make her sound like a noble!" - Alarm bells. I think I could possibly name one of 'her' ancestors...

      I think the line should have been, "Glitter is just as her name suggests: pretty... useless." =P

      20 years... I have a fair idea...

      I dunno why I did that stream of consciousness. Nice to see this update so quickly! Hope it continues. :)

    29. So far the 'comedy' tag hasn't really been relevant at all.

      I will admit though that the second chapter was a much better read. The dialogue still felt a little forced in parts, particularly Twilight's lines, but the overall structure of the chapter made a lot more sense.

      Also, I'm curious how Trixie plans on talking to anyone when she's obviously dead.

    30. @Stephen Cawking

      Thanks for the insight! I'll take a look at those Twilight dialogues and try and figure how to avoid that in the future!

      @Crimson Valor

      The author of "Mort Takes a Holiday" is Anonymous~Materials, and he was very kind to let me use his character for this chapter :) I love his story.

      Twilight has a few things to say about the noble thing, but that will come up eventually!

      Thanks for reading and leaving comments!

    31. Oh boy. This is quite exciting.
      I get the feeling that Trixie is Celestia's daughter becuase after all, why else would she be there?

      This story is very promising and I would love to see what you come up with. Thanks for writing such a great story =)

    32. Also, please.. for the love of all things holy.. don't make Trixie Celestia's daughter.

    33. This so far looks like it would be an interesting story. An interesting combination of tags at least. Implying that Celestia had a child at some point, I have not seen anything like that before. I will check back to see how it developes.

      A slight nit-pick. Luna should asked if Celestia had a foal not a filly as the gender of the child should not have been clear. Unless there was something in the room that positively indicated a filly and not a colt. Did I miss it or Did you forget to explicitly state it?

    34. This is a good chapter, is also fixed my biggest gripe with the first one by bringing Trixie back into the story. I thought you had just popped her in as an excuse for setting the Guardian loose and then killed her off, but it turns out their was more than that.

      I also liked how Twilight spotted the date on the book, it shows how smart she really is.

      I'm guessing the missing filly is either Twilight or Trixie. They seem the most likely candidates. Personally I'm leaning towards Twilight since the comment that she sounded like the Princesses when she talked and how Celestia was more like her mother then her real mother kinda tipped the hat their.

    35. It is times like this that i wish i did not read as fast as I do. From finding this story to finishing what was written, at most 12 minutes passed. In that time, I frell in love with the story. I do wish i could have read it slower. Much, Much slower. That way, i would have enjoyed it all the more and for longer. This will be a brilliant story. I only hope that you post the next chapter before my brain rebells at the wait.

    36. There continues to be not enough of this story. I suggest that you fix the problem as soon as possible.

      If I may engage in a bit of speculation; Whatever that illusion and/or memory magic is, it must have been powerful enough to trump Celestia herself which implies a great deal of power indeed. Following that logic, whoever performed that magic must have been exceptionally powerful themselves. The three most magical ponies are, in roughly ascending order, Twilight, Luna, and Celestia herself. The time frame of twenty years ago fairly neatly rules out the first two, since Luna would still have been trapped on the moon and it would have been aell before Twilight got her cutie mark and tapped into her magic. That seems to leave Celestia as the primary suspect...

      Come to think of it, just how old is Twilight Sparkle anyway?

    37. I just reread this,to tide myself over. Somethings i failed to mention earlier: One: the reference to Mort was awesome. Two: when i started this, i was afraid it was going to be another sad attempt at a horror story with ponies (the two subjects don't go too well together, do they?) I'd read a horror story a while ago, with a similar title and a similar sealed room that no-one remembered, but was noticed this story, unlike the other one. Rocks hard. keep going and, like the Anon. just above me says, keep writing -Lordlyhour again

    38. "Grimdark" "Adventure"
      This ain't gonna be good...
      Might as well read it anyways

    39. When I saw the tags "Gimdark Comedy", I expected Black Comedy. Nevertheless, Trixie being eaten alive and then failing to notice this fact as a ghost threw me for a loop.

      Never before has the term "bloody hilarious" had such a literal meaning for me. Well done.

    40. >Celestia finds out she has a long-forgotten daughter
      >Trixie dies at the exact same time this happens
      >Trixie's ghost begins taking up poltergeist activities

      Do I smell a tweest up ahead?

      Dammit, man, I NEED to see how this one ends! Write more!!!

    41. a good song that goes with - http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=RFnmH9a2RkE&feature=related at least to the point of first part where the focus is set on the sisters.

    42. Well... Trixie 'death' in Part 1 was... politely said, a bit pathetic. Very not 'epic', if you want some *politically correct*...

    43. @Nova25 Eh, it was never meant to be epic. Sorry.

      @undead431 Thanks! I'll listen to it right away!

      @Anonymous - Glad you're liking it!

      @Eclipse I'll be honest, I'm not Trixie's biggest fan, but I don't believe in using a character like herself for mere pointless scenes... she's growing on me though.

      @Lordlyhour - working on it, third chapter should be sent tonight. Got a bit sidetracked by RL.

      @Anonymous - I cannot either confirm nor deny your speculations, I can only *smile mysteriously* as for Twilight's age, I'm placing her at about 18nish or so.

      @SomeGuy Glad you're liking it! I'll have to check that scene again, I thought I had given enough clues but it is clear now I didn't, thanks for pointing it out!

      Thanks again for all the comments! I'm going back to the story now!

    44. @Naxts No, thank *you* for reading and leaving a comment!

      @Bunnylisk - on it's way!

      (Sorry, I thought I had included these answers in the previous post.)

    45. [WARNING! CONTAINS UNREVEALED SPOILER!]Oh dear GOD!!! What will happen when Celestia finds out the Gourdian has eaten her little girl?

    46. ditzy doo is celestias daughter! just think about it

    47. Well, that just went weird 6.9


      (On an unrelated note, mysterious writer from beyond the grave, I'm enjoying this fic greatly)

    49. I think I have an idea of who it may be. She performs feats that other ponies, even powerful ones, can only aspire to. If anyone is the daughter of a living Goddess, she's it. All shall bow before Princess Pinkie Pie!

    50. "self insertion was a low he was not going to hit" ROFL. That's an interesting rephrasing!

    51. Nice to see some jokes really hitting their mark, especially since their topic (ghosts) is actually relevant to the story. Nicely done. Though I thought the direct references to the Sixth Sense and LOTR were not really helping the immersion any. Seems like you chose a difficult set of tags to work with.

      Might also want to add the [sad] tag for when everyone realizes Trixie has in fact been dead all this time and will be forced to leave them for that great apple pasture in the sky.

      Looking forward to reading more.

    52. This is getting interesting...(and it was already interesting from the start!) Excellent work, keep it up!

    53. I enjoy random jokes and references just as much as the next brony over, but I also like to keep a barrier between them and the plot. For example, the self-insert crack and the LotR reference made me lol, Mort might as well become established in the fanon because he's that cool, but having some ponyfication from Sixth Sense allow Trixie to get on with her plan kind of kills the immersion.

      But the fact that Trixie is a ghost makes up for that. It's like Spirit Tracks all over again! :D

    54. another epic chapter..thanks for giving us this Wanderer D

    55. This story is getting really good. It was god before but it is getting better. The comedy is starting to come through in these last to chapters. I like random comedy. You should probably add a [SAD] tag as the scenes with Celestia, Luna, and Twilight thinking about the lost filly are really sad. This story is such a emotional roller coster. There is so much going on all at once.

      So what are you going to do with Spike now that he has awoken and [Spoilers] believe that his time in Ponyville was all a dream? [/Spoilers]

    56. Hmmm, there are three possibilities here as to who could have done it:

      1) Nightmare Moon's followers.
      2) Someone from another race.
      3) Celestia herself.

      I wonder which.

      Anyway, great job!

    57. whelp, there goes any chance of there being a fourth wall in this story

    58. This is insane. Absolutely, delightfully insane.

    59. Very interesting story. can hardly wait for future chapters to come out ^_^ as far as the story go's i to don't really like story's broken up into a lot of different little side story lines as it tends to give you only a taste of what you really want instead of giving you a meal (sort of like what i imagine Trixie was for the guardian :P)

      but i have a feeling these will join together later one with spike and the rest of the crew and passably twilight herself joining into one plot line while Trixie, The "Lunatics" and the guardian (unless his plot line is dropped for now) will merge into another plot line reducing it from 6 fragmented story's to 2 parallel story's but that's just my view on it. it doesn't remove anything from the story, i just think it's in danger of spreading itself a little to thin.

      as for the missing daughter.. i really hope it's not Trixie. i really, really do. that would just be way to contrived. i have a feeling ether the guardian is protecting/holding her OR (because of the hooded cloaks covering almost all of there features) shes a member of the "lunatics". passably even the speaker.

    60. glad I read the story before checking out the comments. SPOILER ALERTS EVERYWHERE! lol

      And here's another, in a sense.

      Why do I have the feeling Trixie or Twilight is the missing daughter?

    61. 2 bits says that this story gets a mild shipping tag at some point and that twilight is Celestia's daughter

      also lol at the sixth sense reference XD

    62. >self-insertion 4th-wall joke


      *runs away somehow screaming and laughing at the same time*

    63. >"... ghosts are ethereal. That means they... cannot really touch objects normal objects, however, according to Magister Crowley, magical objects can be moved and touched by spirits... that is how fetishes are created."


    64. Hi everypony! The next chapter has been mailed to Seth, so hopefully it'll turn up soon! Just a warning: it's a WHAM! Episode. Please let me know what you think!

    65. Well... s***.

      What a TWEEST.

    66. @Wanderer D
      Yup, that's a WHAM! Episode alright. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

    67. You know, when Rainbow Dash appeared I literally thought that this just needed an explosion to be even more awesome, then you go and add an explosion. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Gotta say, though, on that last scene it was very obvious who was under the hood.

    68. Alright, just read Part IV...

      I have to say, I am very much interested in how this turns out. Though, I'm gonna go with a couple of other people and bank a prediction on the possibility that Twilight is Celestia's long lost filly.

      Twilight's mother and father are not her real birth parents, and Twilight is going to learn this the hard way in Part V.

      ...I can totally see it happening in a partially inverted Star Wars-esque manner, too.

      (Twilight) You told me enough! You're still my father!
      (Twi's Dad) ...No. I KILLED YOUR FATHER!
      (Twilight) *eyes wide* What? No, that's not true!
      (Twi's Dad) Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
      (Twilight) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--wait, then who WAS my dad...?

      ...eh, or maybe not. 'Twas funnier in my head. xD

    69. This story just seems like a piled on mishmash of every reference and plot twist the author could think of.

      It has so many plot threads going on so fast I cant even figure out whats going on with half of them. I've always disliked when stories don't inform the audience what's going on for dramatic effect or try to pack so much action in that they skip out on the details.

      So why do I love this story so much any way?

    70. And than Trixie almost killed a pony.

    71. This gets better with every chapter :D

    72. "dad... why?"


    73. Trixie is pretty hilarious. I mean, some people think she's best pony.

      But anyway, Twi is Celestia's kid. Calling it. Some Illuminati dealio about overthrowing the Princess and they needed someone with enough magic to raise the sun and moon to replace her. At least, that's how I'm reading it right now. I'm probably off by a ton.

    74. trixie curses alot.

    75. To be honest, the story didn't really keep me very interested. Emotions in the characters were way overexaggerated, the pacing was kind of weird, and the gags were a little cheesy. But overall, i isn't a bad story.

    76. I really like this story because of all of the separate plot lines. I knew that, eventually, all of them were going to cross in a spectacular fashion. And, by the end of the 4th chapter, it appears that this crossing is coming to a head.

      Keep up the awesome work!

    77. EPIC GASP!
      Well, someone likes Dan Brown.

    78. I think I'll be removing the [Comedy] Tag... although there is some of it there, I think it is confusing some readers... and although I won't strip the jokes from the previous or future chapters, it does seem to be creating more trouble than helping by not balancing out properly.

    79. Eh, you had too much going on at the end of that last chapter. You had a total of 3 cliffhangers at the end of a single chapter... that's a bit excessive, don't you think? A little bit more focus next time would be much appreciated!

      That said, you've done a pretty good job so far. This has plenty of potential. I can't wait for the rest!

      (Also, how many chapters were you planning on having, anyways?)

    80. @Wanderer D
      Comedy = Tragedy + Time

      As long as it doesn't end on a sad note, I wouldn't worry about that tag at all. You're not planning on a downer ending, right?

    81. yeah dont end on a downer. but this is really good! i wanna see twilight kick the shit out of her dad lol, considering shes the element of magic it shouldnt be that hard

    82. (Update part 6!)


      Part 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...?


    83. Twilight DEAD pleasse don't let be true is this really the end of her i sure hope not but how will the rest of her friends react to what's happen not to mention how will everyone react when they find out her own father is behind it

    84. Ouch! I await the next ouch ... er.. chapter.

    85. hm. big mac x trixie.... hell yeah!

    86. This story has a lot of rather good plot ideas, and the personalities are pretty reasonable too. But the pacing really needs work
      I can't give too much advice since I'm horrible at writing myself, but everything felt a little too rushed. Slowing the story down with more descriptions and prose would be a good addition.

    87. Please PLEASE keep it going!!! D:

      I feel that Spitfire had been doing something nearby Canterlot...

      Omg Twi... if she really is gone it would be so freaking awesome (I mean, thinking about Twilight without her horn seems... in some way gross, please tell me she is dead... and no, I dont have anything against Twilight -but Rarity-)

      Lol Big Mac X Trixie Wagon... XD

    88. updated part 6 ?

    89. Huh. I suppose this should bother me. For some reason it does not.

      Anyway, I don't know. I'll keep reading, but at the moment I don't really have anything meaningful to say. To many open plotlines.

      Well, one thing... you would do well to proofread, the last chapter had a couple of sentences that just broke up abruptly and/or did not make sense from a grammatical point of view.

    90. Oh my gosh, you killed Twilight! D: How could you!? *sobs*

      No, wait...wait! We never saw the cloaked pony after that final attack thing! What if that was really Twilight?

    91. Good stuff so far. Latest chapter exhibits some of the problems I found in the first two though, namely that there is so much going on that the narrative becomes rather chaotic.

      One moment we're with Celestia, then we're hearing Twilight's thoughts, then suddenly we're back with Spike as he's thinking about Twilight. IMO it would be more readable and effective if you try to limit the focus of the chapter to one or two characters.

      I wonder if we're going to see a ghostly Twi interact with a ghostly Trixie. Maybe they will try and get themselves resurrected somehow. That is, if Twi is really dead. Celestia seems to think so, even though she's yet to see proof of the matter.

      That strikes me as a little out of character for Celestia. She seems kind of defeatist in this story. I understand that you're trying to humanize (ponynize?) her so that we feel sympathy for her, and that she's had to put up with quite a bit of sorrow in one day. However, usually she tends to face her problems head on.

    92. Now taking bets that Spitfire is part of the Council of Nightmares at 4-1 for.

    93. I hope not ..my bet will be she supporting good guys against nightmare.

    94. Hi everypony! Thank you so much for the comments! It really helps to read how much you are liking the story, and in some cases how to make it better!

      I'm currently working on the next chapter which might be the last until after July 6th, but do not be discouraged, if I can find time to write in the next few days I will!

      @Stephen Cawking Well the different groups will condense now into two, hopefully making it easier to read (I mean, I find it easy yo follow, but I'm writing it, so I'm definitely biased!) As for Celestia... yes, I agree, but next chapter has a bit of an explanation for why that's happening.

      @Baree Hm, I think I caught one after you mentioned this, but I'll make sure to be more careful in future installments.

      @Craft I have been thinking about going back and expanding the chapters, but not until the story is finished.

      @Crimson Valor It's a ghost chapter.

    95. What are they doing in the park after dark?
      DUCKS! quack quack DUCKS! quack quack
      Reading pornography, smoking cigars.
      DUCKS! quack quack DUCKS! quack quack

    96. So Apple Bloom's the one left to find Granny Smith's body? Ice cold, bro.

      And I kind of hope we see it.

    97. @Anonymous

      20 bits on "yes she is."


      F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    98. So I was wrong with my prediction about Twi's dad not being her biological father. Oh well. xD

      Still, Twi kicking the bucket? Or at LEAST losing her horn? This just keeps getting more and more intriguing.

    99. Seeing how "common" ghosts here are, I wouldn't say we've seen the last of Twi in any way.

    100. Just found today and finished it too fast i hope to read more soon

    101. Why does it say (Updated Part 6!) btw? /hopeful wondering

    102. @Bangles Well, I think Seth updated the story pretty late last night and that, combined with me mentioning that it would go past its 6 originally intended chapters...

    103. *Finished reading all 5 chapters.* ...More please.

    104. ...well, ****.

      Now that the comedy tag's been replaced with a sad, I'm convinced this is gonna have a tragic ending...

      ...and now I feel like watching Misery all of a sudden...


    105. These chapters are very vexingly short, but then again it is better to have short but good chapters than long and terrible ones.

    106. Ohhhhh. Nice chap.

      Still, it doesn't necessarily mean that was Twilight's horn. It says Twilight's magic was in it, and that it was singed and burnt. It never said anything about being purple.

      But who knows.

    107. Hmm. I love how you make the cliffhangers. Its like GODDAMMIT I WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!

      This doesnt really manage to sadden me in any way, more I feel heartfelt sorrow. Great story of betrayal and adventure.

    108. So the title says "Updated chapter 6" but theres only 5 chapters derp

    109. Interestingly development with Dr. Mend, and I find his obsession with studying believable.
      However, he has only one line "Let me get back to studying." or some variation on that line.
      It's a little hackneyed by the time we get to the end of the chapter. Maybe the drama was a touch overdone for Mend's parents' death, but all in all, it was rather good.

    110. @Anonymous

      What the hay are you talking about?

    111. Looks like somepony done derped. Got a few too many tabs open there, champ?

      The rest of the story's coming along nicely, but I really love the little parts that focus on ghost Trixie, and now we Big Mac has joined the fray, with the flutterings of a pairing I hadn't thought of and, to my own amazement, don't hate. Astonishing.

      What would one call that pairing anyway? Big Maxie? Trixintosh?

      Anyway, great work; NEED MOAR.

    112. @AnonymousTrixintosh... hmm... sounds good to me!

      Okay everypony, I managed to squeeze some writing in, so I am sending chapter 6 to Seth right now, however, I was thinking I could do with a pre-reader if anypony was interested?

    113. >Dash's tone turned accusing. “It's not! It can't be! Twilight wouldn't lose to some random unicorn! She's the Element of Magic! She has almost as much magic as an alicorn, right?!
      -Rainbow Dash has an excellent point there.

      >“I'm sorry, sister... I can only feel Twilight's magic alone in this horn.”
      -This *Boot to the Head* has an excellent point too, and it comes in PAIRS!

      ...Trying to make Twilight and her parents and her ENTIRE family/ancestors a part of some sort of Nihilistic Organisation of Fanatics... Nooooot sure... Really.

      ...I sincerly hope the author has a DAMN good reason to eliminate Twilight flatly like that...
      (sigh)...just wait and see... This is gonna end in a bad depressing way, I bet... One that I would like to lose.

    114. amazing work man 5/5 stars, i think twilights gonna need some revenge if she ever comes back.

    115. Right. In b4 Celestia goes evil herself.

      I can totally see it happening. Though whether it DOES or not remains TO be seen.

    116. ....
      It's like I'm reading a George. R.R. Martin book.
      Damn this is good.

      Anyone else think Twi is going to go Super-Saiyen when she gets back?

    117. @Nova25

      What does it matter if Twi got flat-out waxed? It doesn't seem to have slowed Trixie down that much.

    118. Oh, Celestia... *facehoof* You're worse than SoTC's Wander... wanting to bring the dead back to life, no matter how valid the cause, will bring more problems than it solves. ALWAYS.

      I'm actually kind of surprised Celestia didn't know any resurrection magic, nor the divine power to bring back one single pony back to life...

      ...also, why the hay haven't we seen Twilight's ghost yet?! There's a metric TON of dramatic irony you could've put in there!

      ...unless... Twilight isn't actually dead...

    119. @Wanderer D
      ...what do you mean by that? You mean you want feedback from one of Seth's pre-readers, or that you want one of us to receive an advanced copy or something to offer you feedback on it?

    120. A very interesting and powerful story thus far. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    121. Awesome so far, can't wait for the next chapter!

    122. @Anonymous

      Must admit, I was thinking this too. If she perished in an explosion, you'd expect to find a lot more pieces of her lying around. Some teeth, a few splinters of bone, maybe a couple of streamers of viscera adorning the stonework, but nope; nothing but her horn.
      Trixie left much more of a mess behind and she was eaten, so you'd expect most of her body to be gone, but what was left of her was still all over the place.

      Aye, I don't think we should count Twi out just yet.

    123. @AnonymousThe second, actually. Since I usually have about 24 to 36 hours after the story is sent for it to be updated it is an ideal time to fine-tune it.

    124. @Wanderer D

      I wouldn't mind doing a little proofreading

    125. This is really good. 5 stars. But then around chapter 4 it completely lost me. I have absolutely no idea what is happening. Still, 5 stars for awesome.

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      Uh.. no idea actually

      you can reach me at scawking@gmail.com and we can talk about using skype chat or just sending the files via email

    130. Hey everypony, chapter 7 will be sent soon, but I was wondering, for those of you that actually read my posts here...


      Looking back on chapter 4, I tried to give an ominous feeling to the fate of Twilight Sparkle by making a lot of references to her whereabouts and even had Pinkie Pie sing "In the Land of Twilight (Under the Moon)" to create an urgency that would culminate in her confrontation in that chapter. So my question is, was it effective in that sense? Or did I lay it down too thick? Anyway, if you want to share your thoughts I'd appreciate it!



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    135. Everypony: To paraphrase a B5 quote "nothing here is as it seems"
      To clear the air let me assure you all:
      1: I do not kill without a purpose
      2: Everypony in the story has their reasons for doing what they are doing
      3: Things will be explained in the story, it just won't happen on every chapter.
      4: While I will try to keep a certain level of comedy as an intrinsic part of the story, it is Grimdark for a reason!
      5: It *might* end on a happy note, but you'll have to read to find out!

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      I must warn you, though, that my proofreading may be TOO thorough. Sometimes I point out things that may be perfectly fine, but, better safe than sorry, no?

      Anyways, my email is gamedestroyer23@hotmail.com

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    171. Hey everypony! The eight chapter has been sent to the Great and Powerful Sethisto, and will be up when its turn comes up!

      In the meantime, I thought I'd answer some questions... lets see...

      @Nova25 The answer my friend is in the next chapter... in part. I can't just simply tell everypony what's happening! That would kill the suspense!

      And yes, Big Mac seems to like flirting with ghosts.

      @Captain Gamer Thank you! I am glad that you're enjoying it! Hope you like the next chapter too!

      @Crimson Valor That's because it is an awesome pic! Thank you so much!

      @NotAGoodUsername360 Afraid not... my only knowledge of the Ace Attorney series comes from little snippets from VGcats. I was told once though that I would make a great lawyer by a former judge. Does that count?

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