• Elements of Charity: Art for Africa

    Ponies Live Now is running a 24 hour gaming event in support of Maddy Peter's (the voice actress for Scootaloo) Inked! Art for Africa charity drive. The event will run from 6pm EST till 6pm EST Sunday evening. There is quite a list of possible guests, including myself, and a number of prizes to be given out!

    So join us if you've got some free time and donate if you can! You can check out the full details on their website for the event and check out the copy paste after the break.

    Ponies Live Now
    Link to the Stream

    This is a massive 24-hour event that's going to be hosted via the Ponies Live Now livestream from 6PM Saturday (EST) through 6PM Sunday (EST). Details are at http://ponyslivenow.com/2012/04/27/elements-of-charity-arts-for-africa/ . The official, semi-final schedule:

    7PM-8PM: TrotCon (PinFilly/DarklyCute, Starshine)
    8PM-9PM: Cupcakes Nom (creator of the Humble Brony Bundle project, co-head of the Albany meetups, charity org for BronyCon)
    9PM-10PM: Fetchbeer (artist of adorableness)
    10PM-11PM: Pen Stroke (author of Past Sins)
    11PM-Midnight: Calpain (EqD staffer extraordinaire)

    Midnight-1AM: Xiagu (head of DC meetups, admin of bronies.com, BronyCon staffer)
    1AM-2AM: Egophiliac (creator of the one and only ALFALFA MONSTER!)
    2AM-3AM: John Joseco (the one and only)
    3AM-4AM: Purple Tinker (charity promoter, retired founder of BronyCon, Bronies-NYC, bronies.com)
    4AM-5AM: Circuit Mane (host of The Brony Show)
    5AM-6AM: MrPoniator (amazing animator)
    6AM-7AM: Tsyolin (Musical pony, f/k/a ApplejackTheEngineer)
    7AM-8AM: LaserPon3 (incredible pony laserist)
    8AM-9AM: Foal Papers (Twitterbrony and brony scholar extraordinaire)
    9AM-10AM: KefkaFloyd (Ponygoons admin, editor of The Round Stable)
    10AM-11AM: PixelKitties (pony, comic, and background artist extraordinaire)
    11AM-Noon: Garrett Gilchrist (artist extraordinaire, plus the best Orson Welles voice outside of Orson Welles)
    2PM-3PM: MrDragon (admin of RainbowDash.net)
    3PM-4PM: Puzzle Plate (admin of the Phoenix meetup group)
    4PM-5PM: GalaCon staff (bringing Equestria to Europe!)
    5PM-6PM: Robbob (the pony behind the Epic [X] Time series)

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