• BUCK- The Brony UK Convention

    For all you bronies over in the UK who are asleep during the actual convention update, this one is specifically for you! Have their press release below for information on how to join!

    What: BUCK - The Brony UK Convention (The first Brony convention to ever be held in the UK)
    When: Saturday 18th- Sunday 19th August 2012
    Where: The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, England
    Who: Guests of honour include WoodenToaster, InterrobangPie, GeneralMumble, Equestria Music and RainbowCrash88

    Tickets went on sale last night. Purchasable at http://www.bronyuk.org/tickets Early bird discounts are available for a limited time only
    To apply to be a vendour please visit http://www.bronyuk.org/con-info/vendors.html

    Feel free to ask for any more information if you can't find it on our website: www.bronyuk.org

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