• Music of the Day #140

    Hipster Pie only likes underground brony music.  She refuses to listen to anything else. 

    Have 11 songs she would listen to, and review on her blog.

  • Simple PMV Compilation #38

    Scenes and ponies. Time to go back to the old days! Check out five new simple PMV's down there below the break!

  • Much Clearer Nightmare Moon Lines

    Someone has uploaded some much easier to hear lines from Nightmare Moon.  Some of the ones I wasn't sure on based off of that old article have been cleared up (marked below).  Overall, this thing actually has some pretty awesome lines aside from the two about her mane.  
    Updated Lines:
    "I would love it if you would style my hair."
    "My star barrettes are fabulous!"
    Random magical sound
    "I will light up the night sky!"
    "Celebrate the moon!" - Fixed
    "I fly through the night."
    "I am Nightmare Moon!"
    "Do you recall my Legend?" - Fixed
    Listen in for yourself below the break!

    Thanks to Jesse for the heads up.
  • Comic: Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom / Nitrous Oxide / Dear Applejack Haters

    We start this one off with a 10 part Daring Do comic, followed by a bit of nitrous oxide, and finish with some anti-applejack hater stuff, so I can raise my anti-applejack hater faction standing and avoid the barrage of rotten apples every time I walk by their store.


    Click for full!

  • EQD Q&A - Ask Us Anything! (Update - Q&A Over!)

    So 10 minutes ago I was watching the new Assassins Creed trailer, when I had the sudden urge to do a Q&A.  How that was related, I haven't a clue. I sent a message to Calpain, and he agreed to join, followed closely after by Cereal. I hopped on photoshop, grabbed a few vectors, slapped em down, and thus this post began!  That right here is pretty much how EQD operates on a daily basis.  The more you know~.

    So, hit up those comments and ask us some questions.  EQD stuff? Go for it.  Life stuff? Feel free.  Whatever floats your boat.

    Currently in attendance:
    • Sethisto
    • Calpain
    • Cereal Velocity
    Update - Q&A Over! thanks for joining us!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #860

    Steampunk Ponyville?  I'm more than OK with that.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    The Clockwise's Guide the Ponyville

  • Story Updates - July 10th

    Story updates! Pinkie Pie edition.  Find them below. 

  • Holiday Ornament Images Revealed

    Apparently these popped up right after we posted it.  The dangers of scheduling!   If you are curious about those ornaments from earlier, this should answer any questions.  

    Thanks to everyone that sent them in!

  • MLP Comic - Halloween Edition on the Way

    A halloween focused mini-comic is in the works, promising art, back-up stories, and other "rarely seen material".  I'd venture to guess that this will be the spot to pick up that Sunset Shimmer back-story announced a while back for those that can't attend comic con. 

    Anyway, have a description from Newsrama:
    My Little Pony: Halloween Edition—HCF 2013 MINI-COMIC
    (W) Katie Cook (A) Various (CA) Andy Price
    Relive some of the most fun moments from IDW's first year of My Little Pony! Featuring amazing Pony art, great back-up stories and other rarely seen material! The perfect treat to pick-up for all ages readers this season!
    Mini-Comic, 16pgs, FC        FREE
    Thanks to Whatshisgame, Masem, and Kein for the heads up! All at once guys! Good job!
  • MLP Comic #9 Preview on iTunes

    Curious about what exactly is going to happen in the upcoming Big Mac comic? iTunes has a preview of it.   There isn't a whole lot of canon when it comes to the farm pony.  Hopefully this gives us more stuff to play with!

    Head on down below the break for large size images.

    Thanks to Kein and Masem for the heads up.

  • Story: Quotidian


    Author: darf
    Description: Time in Ponyville has broken. Everypony is dealing with it in some way or another—except you. You're fine, somehow. Oh, and me. I suppose that's where things start. Let's be on with it then, shall we?

    Additional Tags: Time in Ponyville is broken

  • One Year of SFM Ponies

    The Source Film Maker community is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary today, complete with a bunch of neat still shots as well as a celebratory montage video of all the best ones over the last year.   Everything from the comedy to the epics are included.

    It's pretty amazing to see how much these have evolved since way back during the Gmod days.  Valve did a pretty awesome thing giving this program out to everyone.   Hopefully we keep seeing them get better and better as the year goes on! 

    Anyway, head on down below the break for a bunch of neat images, as well as the video.

  • Story: The Sparkling Reflection of Princess Rarity

    [Adventure] "A worthy successor to The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle." Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Gweat and Powaful Twixie
    Description: It was a needlessly poetic gesture, but Rarity positioned herself so that the tear would fall on Sweetie Belle.

    “I love you, little sister. Be good, and I promise to join you soon.”

    The night after Rarity buys a dead soul gem, something deep inside it sparkles to life. The next day, a pony is taken somewhere grey to await their death because of her selfishness. With the help of the mysterious rock, Rarity enters a world of reflections to save the one she loves the most.

    So begins Rarity’s fantastic journey.
    The Sparkling Reflection of Princess Rarity (Link updated!)

    Additional Tags: Rarity falls into her reflection
  • Holiday Ball Ornament Listing on Entertainment Earth

    It looks like the holidays are about to be dominated by the pony bug.  Entertainment Earth is listing ornament packs, which include Twilight, Rainbow, Scratch, and Rarity in one, Applejack and Fluttershy bundled in the second, and Pinkie Pie joining RD and Twi yet again for a third.

    As for what they look for, only time will tell!  Expect to see them release in November.  Hopefully images pop up sooner than that. 

    Thanks to Firestorm for the heads up.

    Update: Images now available
  • Crystal Fair Art Competition!

    Even though Everfree has come and gone, the European conventions are really starting to heat up! The Crystal Fair in Finland is off to a great start as it happily announces an art contest for all those interested! Check after the break for all the details.

  • Brony Days 2013 Announces Pricing

    While the UK has BUCK, France has its own convention just across the channel! Brony Days, as it prepares to launch later this year, is proud to announce that ticket sales are now open for the event. Check on after the break for all the pricing information!