• Crystal Fair Art Competition!

    Even though Everfree has come and gone, the European conventions are really starting to heat up! The Crystal Fair in Finland is off to a great start as it happily announces an art contest for all those interested! Check after the break for all the details.

    Crystal Fair 2014 has announced “Ponify Finland” art competition

    Hey everypony, here’s some news from up north, Finland to be more exact! There’s only a year left until Crystal Fair, so we decided to do something special for the occasion.

    We’ve launched an art competition on our deviantArt page, with the theme “Ponify Finland”! The task is to take something related to Finland, and add a pony (or a whole bunch of ponies)  to it. For example, you can simply take our mascot, Aurora, or even your own OC, and put them in a Finnish situation, like a sauna. Or, you could take a famous Finn, and ponify him/her. The possibilities are endless! Your creativity is the limit.

    A couple of well know, but yet to be named, fandom community members will act as the judges for the competition, and pick out their favorites. They will choose the winners that they think have done the best creation, and which represents Finland, the best they see fit!

    The whole competition will last nine months, but will be divided into three consecutive parts, lasting three months each. Each part will be announced after the previous has ended. The first part has started on the 4th of July, focusing on Digital Art. Any sort of digital creations that deviantArt accepts are welcome!

    From each of the three parts, three winners will be chosen. The best one of these three participants will receive a free Crystal Fair - T-shirt! A print of the top three works will be available in a bundle at our Charity auction at Crystal Fair, naturally with proper credit given to the selected artists.

    Please make sure to submit your entry before the deadline 4. October 2013 23:50 (GMT) o’clock. You are only allowed to enter once, but you are allowed to change your submission. The Crystal Fair deviantArt administrators will go through every submission before allowing them into the group, in order to avoid any violation of the competition’s rules.

    Here are the general rules for the competition:
    • Only Safe For Work material will be accepted (Specifically no pornographic, sexually explicit or suggestive material, tasteless nudity, extreme violence or gore is allowed).
    • All entries must be original artwork created by you from scratch. Do not plagiarize, copy or trace existing artworks. However, for Photoshop creations you may use free stock photos or any photography you have been given a permission to use by the author. Sequential artworks (comics) are also allowed.
    • You may not use any copyrighted characters or creations of any other artists without their permission.
    • You may not use the original name of a product or an individual person in your creation, unless you have a written permission from them to do so.
    • Please note that in submitting your artwork, you also agree to allow Crystal Fair to use your artwork for promotional purposes of future art events and competitions.
    • In order to receive a prize, you must be willing to share your personal information with the Crystal Fair (Such as name, address, etc).
    • For physical creations, you must either be willing to deliver them to the convention in person or to send it in by mail to an address we will specify, as the item in question must be present at the Charity auction.

    If you wish to participate, check out our deviantArt page for more specific rules and info related to the competition.

    Also, feel free to check out the con’s website at your own leisure, unless you’ve already done so. We generally post con updates once a month. You can also find links to our various social media channels on the front page. By following them you can be sure not to miss any relevant updates.

    We hope you decide to participate and are looking forward to seeing your submissions.

    Of course, we also hope to see you at the con.

    The Crystal Fair Convention Crew