• One Year of SFM Ponies

    The Source Film Maker community is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary today, complete with a bunch of neat still shots as well as a celebratory montage video of all the best ones over the last year.   Everything from the comedy to the epics are included.

    It's pretty amazing to see how much these have evolved since way back during the Gmod days.  Valve did a pretty awesome thing giving this program out to everyone.   Hopefully we keep seeing them get better and better as the year goes on! 

    Anyway, head on down below the break for a bunch of neat images, as well as the video.

    [2] Source

    [3] Source
    Oh Why [SFM]

    [4] Source
    [SFM] Flowerfield

    [5] Source
    Fluttershy's Cottage

    [6] Source
    Sunset Jam

    [7] Source
    [SFM] Derpy's Dream

    [8] Source
    [SFM] It's just you and me...

    [9] Source
    Wake Up And Become One Of The Hive

    [10] Source
    SFM: Saints Row Ponies At The Top Of Equestria

    [11] Source
    Running of the Leaves [SFM]