• EQD Q&A - Ask Us Anything! (Update - Q&A Over!)

    So 10 minutes ago I was watching the new Assassins Creed trailer, when I had the sudden urge to do a Q&A.  How that was related, I haven't a clue. I sent a message to Calpain, and he agreed to join, followed closely after by Cereal. I hopped on photoshop, grabbed a few vectors, slapped em down, and thus this post began!  That right here is pretty much how EQD operates on a daily basis.  The more you know~.

    So, hit up those comments and ask us some questions.  EQD stuff? Go for it.  Life stuff? Feel free.  Whatever floats your boat.

    Currently in attendance:
    • Sethisto
    • Calpain
    • Cereal Velocity
    Update - Q&A Over! thanks for joining us!