• Brony Days 2013 Announces Pricing

    While the UK has BUCK, France has its own convention just across the channel! Brony Days, as it prepares to launch later this year, is proud to announce that ticket sales are now open for the event. Check on after the break for all the pricing information!

    Fillies and gentlecolts,

    The BronyDays staff is pleased to announce that the tickets for the convention are now available for sale!You can purchase them online at our website.

    We offer three types of tickets:

    -The Frenchy ticket is the standard ticket, granting access to the entire convention the whole week-end. Price: 49 euros until the 4th of August, 54 euros from the 5th of August.

    -The Fancy ticket is a VIP ticket that, beside granting you access to the entire convention the whole week-end, allows you to enter by a special queue line and to receive a fabulous figurine of our mascot, Madame Banane. Price: 99 euros.

    -The Flash ticket grants you acess to the convention the Saturday only, not the Sunday. Price: 35 euros

    Purchase your Frenchy ticket in July for the 9% discount, and rendezvous in Paris, October 2013!

    The BronyDays staff