• Pony Month In Review - 50+ Events That Happened in April 2016!

    April was absolutely flooded with things to post! I for one welcome out fandom coming out of hibernation! Shame its going to be a slow summer with the mid-season hiatus, but I think we have enough momentum to have a blast coming up.

    Below the break, get your pony month in review!

    STARLIGHT GLIMMER Takes over Equestria Daily for April 1st! 

    If you want to watch us go WAY OVERBOARD with April Fools, go check it out at the April fools tag!

    EQD Colleciton Event 2016 Ends - Tons of Collections! 

     Check out the post with all of them over here!

    Possible Future Episode Spoilers on My Little Pony Facebook Page

    I'll avoid detailing it. Dive in here if you want some spoilerage. 

    The Gift of Maud Pie Airs

    And Pinkie Pie kept on dancing. Head on over here for the discussion / Streams.

    Secret Changeling - Secret Hitler Pony Skin

    Online card games, with PONIES. Head on over here for infos.

    Pony Spotlights with TheSlorg!

    Tons of spotlights happened this month. Have the list:

    Bulk Biceps  
    Cranky Doodle Donkey

    Episode Followups For ALL the Episodes! 

    Who's your favorite followuper?! Vicodin dove in for his first, and a few others too:

    The Gift of the Maud Pie 
    On Your Marks 
    Gauntlet of Fire

    Full English Translation of the Japanese Manga

    Where Twilight Sparkle's library is  ALIVE.  Get it here.

    Guardians of Harmony Gets a Discord Figure

     Snazzy! Info here.

    Wave 15 Blindbags Appear in USA and Canada

    Unfortunately its mainly recolors! Again.

    Get it here.


    Undertale on Steroids

    Season 5 MLP DVD on the Way

    Pre-order it on Amazon over here!

    Season 6 Episode 8 Revealed! 

    Season 6 Episode 8 Revealed - A Hearth's Warming Tail
    Go get information on it over here!

    Friends Forever #27 Releases! 

    Info here.

    GHOST Returns, Pony Trolls Celebrate

    Read all about it over here!

    Equestria Girls Mini Short with Everyone

    Super Short~ 

    Adorable Fanfictions

     Seriously, its cute

    On Your Marks Airs

    On Your Marks - Streams / Discussion

    Go check out the wild west of the comments over here!

    Trouble with Trixie Bumped to a January 10th 2017 Release Date

    Trouble With Trixie Book Bumped to January 2017

    Poor Trixie ;_;

    Powerpuff Girls Starts with a Pony Episode

     They tried at least! 

    Episode 9 Title and Synopsis Revealed! 

    Saddle Row & Rec Episode Revealed MLP

    Check it out over here! 

    Goodnight Flurry Heart Releases! 

     And it's pretty damn cute. 

    Glimglam going SPACE TIME in new book

    Starlight Glimmer and the Space Time Suite book reveal

    Information here! 

    Rainbow's Saucy Dance

     Because why not. 

    Silver Quill Revies a ton of MLP comics! 

    Check out his tag over here!

    My Little Pony Comic #41 Releases

    Get your covers, store guide, and more over here

    Season 6 Episode 10 Announced! 

    Get the infos on it over here!
    Synopsis here

    Italy Gets an Interesting Pony Knockoff Going

    Check out the trailer for it here.

    LINKIN PARK Rocks it with DIAMOND Tiara!

    Check it out over here

    Legends of Everfree Book Releasing September 9th, Synopsis Revealed

    New Equestria Girls - Legends of the Everfree Coming Fall 2016

    Find info on it here!

    Equestria Daily Joins Patreon! 

    And you guys are rockin it so far! Find out why we'd open one over here.

    More Spike Episodes Coming

     Just in case Gauntlet of Fire wasn't badass enough for you. Infos here.

    Gauntlet of Fire Stream / Discussion Post

    Surprising EVERYONE with an AWESOME Spike episode!

    MLP on Robot Chicken

     Mature Warning Activate

    Ember Gets an Entire Drawfriend Dedicated to Her

    Go get it here

    Awesome Revamp of The Moon Rises

     You can go listen to it over here!

    Glimglam is the Next EU Magazine Figure

    Starlight Glimmer UK Magazine Figure

    Lookin good starry~

    Twilight Sparkle and Cadance Teaming Up for Friends Forever #30

    Go check it out infos on it over here

    HASCON Becomes a Thing

    Inb4 its just a  pony con with how bad we invade it!   

    A good chance that it is Factory of Wonder

    Official Puzzle Game Hits Android

    Check it out over here

    Sony Rampages Through Youtube Pony Videos, then Takes Their Claims Back

    Sony decided to shut down anything with pony songs in it, but someone stepped in and cancelled all the strikes! Good times.

    Stock Images of FIM Nightmare Night Colleciton Appear

    Friendship is MAgic collecition Nightmare Night golden oaks library

    Find them here!

    New Dragon Book on the Way

    The Dragons of Dazzle Island MLP Cover

    Check it out over here

    Editorial on Gauntlet of Fire's Low Ratings

    The perfect storm of bad situations caused low ratings for an awesome episode! Luckily Trixie fixed it. Read here.

    Tons of Pony Albums Hit Amazon

    The cause of  the copyright strikes most likely. 

    Official Pony French Song Releases

    Check it out here!

    Wonderbolts Brushables On the Way

     Infos here! 

    The Greatest Day Ever

    MLP Season 6 Episode 6 - "No Second Prances" - trailer


    Wonderbolts Academy Gets a Cover

     Check it out here!

    Drama from Mare on Mare Relationships Begins! 

    What a tornado that was! 

    Vicodin Editorialized it. 

    Pony Ages Become a Topic of Discussion!

    Big Jim gave us a hint, and we ran with it! 


     Awesome PMV

    Fluttershy Episode Gets a Synopsis Reveal

    Check it out here

    Possible Actors Confirmed for Friendship is Magic Movie

    Check it out over here!

    My Little Pony Movie Bumped Up to October 6th, 2017 Release Date

    My Little Pony Movie Release Date Now October 6, 2017


    THE HISTORY OF TRIXIE! And other Pony History! 

     The greatest and most powerful fandom icon EVER.

    Be sure to check out all pony history posts here.

    Pinkie Dansen

     Why not?

    Fluttershy Plays a Bunch of Random Games

     Yeah... we actually have a tag for this.

    Fluttershy Day happens! 

    Check it all out here.

    Trixie Celebrates Fluttershy Day With a Post About Why She is The Best! 

    5 Reasons Why TRIXIE IS BEST

    Truly magical 

    Uptown Funk in Pony Voices

    Eile Monty is amazing

    Upcoming Brushables Revealed

    Fashion Style Starlight Glimmer
    Check it out here! 



    And that about covers it. What a crazy month! It feels like it went by in just a day.

    As always, be sure to check the nav bar dropdown menus up at the top for specific categories. Lots have been added. This is only a fraction of the 500 posts that happened last month.

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