• Big Jim Miller Dives Deeper Into the Pony Ages

    If you were wandering around the comment section of the Spike age post from yesterday, Jim Miller braved the swarm below the break with a clarificaton on what he said on Twitter. According to him, Spike is around 7-10 years younger than Twilight Sparkle. 

    He also went a bit deeper with the mane 6, noting that at least within his canon, the mane 6 are of the same maturity level as someone between 16-22 years of age.  This is slightly older than the original idea Lauren posted way back in the early days of 12-17.

    Maybe it's time to editorialize this one? I bet we can trinagulate the actual ages based on birthdays and what ponies have said in the show.

    Thanks to Micheal for he heads up.